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LinTELOO, hailing from the Netherlands since 1993, brings Dutch design prowess to the world of luxury furnishings. Known for its contemporary sofas and striking tables, LinTELOO creates spaces where comfort meets artistry. Their unique allure lies in a harmonious fusion of modern aesthetics and Dutch craftsmanship. Explore a world where sleek lines and ergonomic designs redefine your living spaces. LinTELOO's creations transform homes into elegant sanctuaries, where form follows function seamlessly. Elevate your surroundings with LinTELOO's distinctive Dutch design, where every piece tells a story of innovation and quality. Welcome the essence of Dutch design into your life with LinTELOO.

Second-hand Linteloo benches

Linteloo benches

Used Linteloo benches

Are you looking for a second-hand leather or fabric sofa? Or do you want a black sofa? Whoppah has an extensive range of second-hand sofas that can be found in a wide range of materials and sizes. A sofa is generally a major investment, which should not be lacking in comfort. Since a new sofa is often very expensive, you can choose to buy a second-hand one. This allows you to enjoy the ultimate comfort and an exclusive piece of furniture for a nice price. Whether you are looking for a new sofa for your home or office, Whoppah has an extensive range of sofas.

About the Linteloo brand

The Linteloo brand is offered at Whoppah because it is a sofa series that perfectly meets everyone's wishes. Whoppah specializes in supplying sofas that are carefully selected, so that you are assured that you are buying a sofa that you can enjoy for years to come.

Linteloo benches

At Linteloo sofas, furniture is manufactured that is beautiful due to its modular character, combined with extensive fabric and leather options. Therefore, find a sofa that is precisely tailored to your personal taste and lifestyle. In 1994, Jan te Lintelo, who was later joined by his life partner Lars Nikolajsen, started from their passion for design and furniture with the creation of the LINTELOO collection, in which comfort and luxury living were central from the start. They let nothing stand in the way of building a collection that expresses their way of life: no restrictions, but free and generous. They want to give their customers the ultimate luxury living experience, collaborating with top national and international designers and the best manufacturers in the world, to create designs that stand the test of time and exemplify easy-going comfort.

Some examples of Linteloo sofas that you can find at Whoppah;

  • Linteloo BLEND
  • Linteloo Gilbert
  • Linteloo Malibu
  • Linteloo Broadway
  • Linteloo Bold
  • Linteloo Winston
  • Linteloo Sergio
  • Linteloo Hamptons
  • Linteloo George
  • Linteloo Mauro
  • Linteloo Arp
  • Linteloo Fabio Linteloo Park Avenue
  • Linteloo Studio
  • Linteloo Madison