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Buyer pays safely

Do you have a deal? The buyer will always pay safely via Whoppah. Chose you favorite payment method to do the transaction. Only after the item has been paid for, you can be sure it will be yours!

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Money safe with Whoppah

The money is temporarily placed in a custody account. This way the seller can be sure that the payment has been made and the buyer is sure that he will receive hus purchase. This is how we guarantee safe shopping on Whoppah.


Buyer confirms item received

The buyer informs Whoppah within 10 days that the purchase has been received in good order and we will pay out the seller. If the buyer does not indicate anything, we will still pay out after 10 days. Did something go wrong? Contact the seller to get more information. Whoppah is always availabe to assist you when this happens. You can decide to protect your purchase with buyer protection. Read more

Item received in good order?

Seller gets paid

The seller will be paid out. Make sure that your account is complete, and we have all the necessary details. The amount will be on your account within 5 days after confirmation from the buyer.

All you need to know about bidding on Whoppah

Bidding is easy and fun. Not quite sure how it works? Read all about it.

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Whoppah works with payment service provider Stripe to manage the payment flows on Whoppah. As a marketplace, we are obliged to have the payment flows, i.e. receiving payment by the buyer, holding this payment and then paying it out to the seller, through an authorized financial institution.

Stripe is authorized to do so and is supervised by the Netherlands Authority for the Financial Markets and the Dutch Central Bank. For you as a seller, this means that Stripe needs personal data to be able to make payments. This means that they comply with Dutch regulations.
They can therefore only pay out if all data in your account is complete. This also means that the payment is tied to a certain term set by them. Stripe uses 5 days for a payout.

This period starts as soon as the buyer has indicated that he has received the item in good order, or automatically after 10 days if the buyer does not indicate anything.

We are here for you

Selling and buying on Whoppah is safe, easy and fun. Read everything about it in our F.A.Q. Do you have any questions? Our Whoppah Support team will be happy to help you.

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