Scandinavian style sofa

Scandinavian bench made of wood

What is a Scandinavian sofa?

Scandinavian sofas are becoming a popular choice for living rooms around the world. Scandinavian furniture is characterized by its minimal design, neutral tones (grey, white, beige) and simplicity. Many people are drawn to Scandinavian sofas and furniture because they want to simplify their decor. A Scandinavian sofa is a great idea if you want flexibility in your furniture, allowing you to play with different decorating themes. It essentially keeps your furniture as a blank canvas to decorate however you like!

Sofa in Scandinavian style

When looking at Scandinavian living rooms and sofas, some common themes emerge. Our Scandinavian friends often prefer a minimalist design with many practical elements. They often design their homes around the hygge mentality, which can be loosely translated as comfort and coziness.

Scandinavian bench made of wood

More and more often, instead of just dining room chairs, a sofa and chairs in a Scandinavian design are chosen. We understand that. It is practical and also beautiful. The collection of various Sav & Økse tables also includes a matching wooden bench. The wooden dining room benches have the same design as the dining tables. With a matching dining room sofa you can make it complete

The simplicity and charm of the Scandinavian sofa

What makes Scandinavian sofas different? Their main advantage is simplicity. An essential element of the Danish hygge philosophy is comfort. Scandinavian style Furniture looks elegant and provides luxurious relaxation.

Scandinavian minimalism is invariably associated with naturalness. The basis here is always a wooden floor, which is reminiscent of the tranquility of the forest and furniture, which is subtly decorated. The northern style living room has few furniture and accessories. Its strength lies in the fact that it has been selected and made with great precision. A pinch of classic combined with modern design is the perfect recipe for creating original and extremely refined furniture.

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A simple shape and great comfort characterize Scandi-inspired sofas. Natural materials are essential, such as breathable upholstery or wooden legs. Equally important are elements that provide comfort, such as soft pillows or a suitable blanket. To make the interior look light, furniture is mounted on high legs, and padded backs are famous, which are not only comfortable but also look very classic and stylish.