Artifort is a Dutch furniture brand known for its innovative and timeless design. The brand has a rich history dating back to 1890. One of Artifort's main characteristics is the pursuit of comfort and functionality combined with aesthetic design. This is reflected in the ergonomic shapes, high-quality materials and attention to detail that characterize every Artifort piece. Consider, for example, Pierre Paulin's sculptural chairs such as the "Tongue" and "Orange Slice" that are recognized worldwide as classics.


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The Artifort brand

The Artifort brand has been in the furniture business since 1980, with Jules Wagemans as an upholsterer laying the foundation for this beautiful furniture that year after year finds its way into the homes of design enthusiasts all over the world. Chairs, tables, sofas, armchairs, bar stools, side tables, cabinets, you will find it all at Whoppah.

Second-hand Artifort furniture

As you know, Artifort furniture has been around a bit longer than the average furniture manufacturer. That's why at Whoppah you'll also find a lot of Artifort furniture in the vintage section. These are pieces of furniture that have had a previous owner, but still serve as high-quality and comfortable furniture. Indulge yourself with affordable but good-looking furniture. Whether you like country style, modern, classic or vintage furniture, at Whoppah you will find the right used Artifort furniture for every room in your home.

Artifort outlet

The beauty of a supplier like Whoppah is that you can find furniture from a renowned brand at an outlet price. Second-hand doesn't just give you the opportunity to save on the cost of a new piece of furniture. You're also doing the environment a favour by avoiding having a new piece of furniture made in a factory.

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Dutch company Artifort is very popular worldwide and has a special place at Whoppah. Key designers include Pierre Paulin, Geoffrey Harcourt, René Holten and Patrick Norguet. Artifort's tables allow you to come into contact with high-quality materials and thoughtful construction. With a variety of table tops, powder-coated metal or solid oak beams, a table design by Artifort is perfect for private or public spaces to receive people, meet family, hold consultations or meetings or simply to eat.

Artifort Beso table

The Beso table consists, for example, of rectangular and round tables in different sizes. Or you can opt for the Clarion dining table, which comes in different shapes: round, oval or pill-shaped and stands out with a spherically milled table edge. The Clarion Artifort table series consists of a conference, dining, bistro, counter and bar table and a series of under-tables.

Buying an Artifort sofa

If you love true comfort, you should get to know Artifort's stylish seating, which you can choose from Whoppah's wide range. The Artifort sofas you find at Whoppah will change your idea of living forever!

Artifort 905 sofa

The light and timeless beauty of the Mare sofa, the graceful Artifort 905 sofa, the extra comfortable 905 comfort, C416, C683, Diva, Figura, Manhattan, Ondo, Track and what they are all called.

Buying an Artifort chair

If you are looking for a chair, you can choose Artifort chairs at Whoppah. Chairs with ergonomic support that ensure the spine maintains its natural position. A chair that exudes not only comfort but also style. Whether you love leather, fabric, metal or wooden accents, you will find your next affordable quality chair with Whoppah's second-hand Artifort collection. The Artifort collection includes chairs like Aloa, Andrea, Beso, Gap, Jima, Little Apollo, Little Tulip, Megan, Zuma or Paco. You will find many chairs from the Artifort brand, each with its own seating experience. There are also a lot of Artifort armchairs

Iconic Artifort designs

Artifort Orange Slice armchair