Mid century sofa: beauty in simplicity

Mid century sofas, original without being too outspoken

We don't shove it under chairs or sofas: at Whoppah we are 'on' the mid century modern living style, and then specifically on the mid century sofa. Mouth full for something we (and many with us) are full of. Because timeless, easy to match and iconic because of the minimalist mix of wood, light appearance, natural shapes with a trend color here and there. One of the icons of this interior style is and remains the Eames Lounge chair. Get an idea of what you can expect from mid century modern. Design to your heart? At Whoppah we have a growing range of mid century sofas. Stroll around!

Mid century modern, what kind of interior style is it?

It is quite possible that this is the first encounter with the term ' mid century modern' in a forest of interior design terms. A design movement that emerged between the 1930s and 1960s and revolves around authenticity and pure craftsmanship. But here it comes, because where the style may not immediately ring a bell, it is almost inevitable that you will regularly come across mid-century furniture. What it is about the mid century modern style is that it is timelessness itself. This is due to the use of geometric shapes, sleek silhouettes, light colors and natural materials. With the emphasis on the latter, because expect a lot of wood (read: wood color and deep brown). Bring the outside in. What doesn't come with this style? Lots of frills. Less is more.

Buying or selling a Mid century sofa? Good choice!

Translate the previous to the mid century modern sofa and you will see a lot of wood, organic shapes and a light color palette. Original, rich in contrast and functional without being too outspoken. Very similar to the Scandinavian style with a splash of color here and there: from terracotta to moss green. The advantage of a mid century sofa is that it is always possible, because of its timeless modern-classic character. Give the vintage piece of furniture a place in a Scandinavian, retro or eclectic interior and make a statement. Years of fun guaranteed!

Plop with Whoppah on a mid century modern sofa

Can we preach for our own parish? We can! All vintage mid century sofas in our collection have previously been in another house (or houses). Nevertheless, the quality is on point. The condition of a second-hand item - after it has been curated - can be read under 'condition.' Because of the quality materials, you can and should expect a lot of pleasure from a mid century modern sofa. Three times hooray!