Buying glasses & decanters

Glasses & Decanters

Glassware is an essential part of any dinnerware collection. Each type of glass has a different function. For example, you have a wine glass, in which you serve wine. Wine glasses are specially designed to enhance the taste and aromas of wine. For champagne, again, you have special champagne glasses that add elegance and sparkle to festive occasions. Beer glasses also come in a variety of different shapes that are tailored to the type of beer for an optimal drinking experience. For small drinks like vodka, you have shot glasses. These are small glasses especially for when you take a shot of liquor.

Drinking glasses

Drinking glasses come in a variety of sizes and shapes to meet the needs of any beverage. And at Whoppah we also have a rich assortment of drinking glasses. From refreshing juices to sophisticated cocktails, the right glassware adds a touch of class to any drinking occasion. A decanter, or water carafe, can also serve as a practical and stylish way to serve water or other beverages on table.

Whiskey glasses & gin glasses

Whiskey glasses or gin glasses, are sturdy glasses with a wide opening, allowing you to fully enjoy the rich flavor of whiskey. For an impressive presentation of whiskey, whiskey decanters are used, which not only air the drink, but also serve as decorative showpieces on the beverage cart.


Glasses and decanters can also be used as decoration in the home. A stylish decanter on a sideboard or an artistically designed glass as a vase with flowers can add a touch of sophistication and beauty to the interior. When decorating the dining table or creating a beautiful table setting, glassware plays an important role. No matter whether it is an everyday meal or a festive celebration, the choice of glasses and decanters adds to the overall atmosphere and experience of the table.

Glass Art

In addition to the functional aspect of glassware, it can also serve as glass art. Beautifully designed drinking glasses and decanters can be real eye-catchers on the table. Especially when they are carefully crafted and contain unique decorative elements.

At Whoppah, you'll find an extensive collection of glasses. Whether you are looking for functional glasses for everyday use or beautiful pieces of glass art as decoration, you will find it with us. Bring your dining table to life with our diverse range of glassware, and be inspired by the beauty and versatility of glasses and decanters.