Design cabinets: tidy house, tidy mind

Design cabinet, let the storage begin

Where would we be without the closet? The design cabinet if you ask us. How we do it, we do it, but what a lot of stuff we all have. Now not all stuff deserves the beauty prize and may be tucked away in the dark. Let design cabinets take that task seriously. They know best how to create order out of chaos.

At Whoppah we have a wide range of second-hand design cabinets. From bookcases via sideboards through to design sideboards, wardrobes, storage cabinets, display cabinets and bedside tables. There are design objects to choose from for every room in the house. Expect designer cabinets from well-known brands such as Molteni & Co, Pastoe, Linteloo , not to mention the vintage classics. We would prefer to give all design cabinets a special mention, wouldn't it mean that we would then get a book. Therefore, to help you on your way, a few categories: design sideboards, design bookcases and vintage cabinets. Well, have a good look around!

Vintage design cabinets: eye-catching organizers

We can be brief about it: one or more design cabinets in the house, you will do the whole family a favor with that. Because let's face it, from young to old, everyone wants to be able to look away from rundum Hause. A nice side effect of the (second hand) design cabinet is that they get even the biggest slob to clean up every now and then. And you know what they say: 'tidy house, tidy mind.' Something that makes us a happier person. So win-win.

What was initially a wall where nothing exciting happened, the design cabinet turns it into a place that catches everyone's eye. Perfect addition to any home that exudes style. And that style does not only specify itself to the modern or classic angle. On the contrary. Design cabinets also feel at home in an eclectic interior, art deco living style, rurally furnished home or industrial home base.

When is a cupboard a vintage design cupboard?

Good question. The label 'vintage' is often used. Vintage is more popular than ever before. The name tells that the piece of furniture has had at least one previous owner. At first it was a must that the furniture came from a construction year between 1920 and 1980. There are now less hard dividing lines. Nowadays we prefer to use the definition 'from a good (construction) year.' Nice stuff!

(Vintage) design cabinets at Whoppah

Why buy new when second-hand designer cabinets are waiting for a new home in large numbers? Vintage is hot! Not only because you immediately bring in a retro look, but also because of its sustainable character. Two birds with one stone! At Whoppah, we're out to take vintage design (cabinets) to the next round. Let us bring together the demand for and supply of second-hand design furniture, so you can do your sustainable thing!

Do you have a design cabinet at home or at the office that you would like to sell? Create an ad and start selling. Be sure to check out our complete collection second-hand design furniture, the largest in the Netherlands.

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