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Sell on Whoppah


Sell fast for a good price

Give your design or art piece a second life. Get a good price and sell to another enthusiast who values your item. Sell on average within 11 days.

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Sell on Whoppah


The better the advertisement...

Provide 5 excellent photos and add a catchy description. Include your asking price and indicate whether bidding is allowed and from which price. On Whoppah your item can always be bought directly for the asking price.
Fact: Sell 3 times faster with fabulous photos and get an even better sale price.

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Sell on Whoppah


List your item for free

You can list as many items as you like for free. Whoppah only charges a 12% commission fee based on the sale price.

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Sell on Whoppah


Picked up by the Whoppah courier

Let the Whoppah courier pick up and deliver your item carefully and insured. The buyer pays the delivery costs.

Sell easily and quickly on Whoppah

Whoppah is the place to easily and quickly sell your design and art. 4 reasons to sell on Whoppah.

Get a good price

Give your design or art a second life. Get a good price and sell to another enthusiast who values ​​your item. List for free. We only charge a commission for a successful sale.

List your item in a minute

Create an advertisement in 2 steps. We check and place the advertisement online. Do you have an offer or a question from a buyer? We will email you and send text message. You answer. Is there a deal? The buyer pays to Whoppah and we pay you within 5 days after the buyer indicates that it has received it in good order.

We handle the shipping for you

Whoppah offers a courier service: the Whoppah courier will pick up the item and bring it carefully and insured to the buyer. The buyer pays for this, and we will contact you after the purchase to plan the shipping.


By selling your item you offer someone a good alternative to buying new. Every sale means we need to produce one item less. Go for sustainable and go for second-hand.

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Create an advertisement

  1. Take 5 photos. The better the photos, the faster your item will be sold. Check out our photo tips
  2. Fill in the details such as the dimensions, brand and describe the state.
  3. Determine the asking price. The sharper the asking price, the sooner you sell. A buyer can always buy your item immediately and settle it for the asking price.
  4. Tip: increase your chances by allowing bids.
  5. Upload the advertisement. Whoppah will curate the ad within 2 working days.

Payment via Whoppah

Safe trading for seller and buyer is our top priority. Is there a deal? Then the buyer always pays Whoppah first via iDeal or Credit Card. This way you can be sure that the buyer has paid and that the item has been sold. The buyer will pick up the item, you send it or our courier will pick it up. The buyer will let us know he received it in good order, and we will pay you. The amount will be in your bank account after 5 working days. By receiving the payment in advance, we ensure that buyers and sellers can trade carefree! It is therefore not allowed on Whoppah to divert payments outside the platform.

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Whoppah charges private sellers a fee of 12% of the sale price.

This is automatically deducted from the payment of the sales proceeds.

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