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If a simple pendant light is not enough, and you are looking for glamour and splendour, then a chandelier is a suitable piece for your interior. It is an impressive and eye-catching ceiling light, whether it is on or off. Mounted above a dining table, it gives a chic look to any dinner or supper. Installed in a bedroom, it instantly transforms it into an elegant master suite. With a wide choice of designs, you can find a chandelier that suits your space and will decorate it.

Crystal chandelier

Nothing exudes luxury more than a crystal chandelier. Faux-crystal drops and beads suspended over a multi-story frame create a beautiful cascading impression. The light shimmers and is beautifully reflected in multiple glass elements. Such a fixture is definitely something for people who are not afraid of a bold statement. Such a chandelier will be a fitting addition to all extravagant interiors, whether eclectic or Hollywood glam.

Vintage style chandelier

An antique chandelier with decorative curled arms with the sleeves up is a perfect way to show off your lamps. Designed to hang candle lamps, it gives a vintage feel. The chain-shaped suspension of the vintage chandelier gives the lamp a dramatic effect. Upward-facing bulbs spread warm and bright light, illuminating an entire room.

Chandelier as home decoration

A chandelier with shade perfectly combines a classic lamp with a modern design. Thanks to the fabric shade, the light is soft and warm, making it a perfect lighting fixture for bedroom or guest room. The use of contrasting materials results in a piece that fits well within mid-century, rustic and modern interiors.

What should a chandelier look like?

These days, it is no longer enough to pick a random chandelier and hang it from the ceiling. Such a decision requires careful thought because the chandelier lamp is not always needed in every room.

  • To know whether a particular room needs a chandelier, first look at the lighting fixtures already present in the room. Chandelier lighting can sometimes be the main source of illumination if you hang a large chandelier in a large room. Other times, a small chandelier is enough to complement other small lighting fixtures, such as an LED chandelier.
  • After this, you can decide on the material and style of chandelier you want. Today, chandeliers are made of glass, wood, metal or crystal, or a combination of these materials. Some may come with a single lamp, which is more than enough to create that romantic atmosphere without being too overpowering. Others may come with ten lamps or more, which can act as the big focal point of the room.

A wide range of chandeliers

At Whoppah, we understand your lighting needs. Therefore, we offer you a unique and wide range of chandeliers. For example, our range includes italian-chandeliers, rustic chandeliers but also industrial chandeliers. All in all, there is something for everyone.

Modern chandelier

For a modern chandelier for the living room, you will find chandeliers made of fabric, iron, plastic, aluminium and even cotton in our contemporary selection. Our chandeliers are made of black metal, among other materials. In our range, you will also find LED chandeliers. These are perfect for saving energy and reducing the cost of electricity.