Looking for second-hand Scandinavian design?

Scandinavian furniture for your interior

You can recognize real Scandinavian design by the functionality and simplicity of the furniture. Scandinavian furniture brands make little use of decorative elements. The designs are therefore simple and functional. Just think of the Egg Chair of the brand Fritz Hansen. Or the String cabinet from Nisse Strinning.

Typical Scandinavian furniture are the bar chair, teak Danish sideboards, and the well-known extendable dining tables. The Wishbone Chair by designer Hans Jørgen Wegner is also a wonderful example of Scandinavian design.

Typical "Scanidnavian wood"

The country of origin has a lot of influence on the style and design of Scandinavian furniture. Each country has its own characteristics and therefore also different design trends. For example, Scandinavian furniture from Sweden is often made of oak or ash wood. Danish design more often uses teak or rosewood.

Scandinavian tables

Scandinavian tables are a type of table traditionally made in Scandinavia. These tables have a long history and first became popular in the 18th century. The origins of the Scandinavian table are not entirely clear, but it is believed that they were originally used as work tables by carpenters and other craftsmen. The idea behind Scandinavian design is to create a functional yet beautiful space for people to come together. It is characterized by simplicity, clean lines and minimalist design.

Buy Scandinavian tables

Buying a Scandinavian table is a great adventure. There are many different styles to choose from, and many different materials to choose from. There are also many different places to find them. The first thing to do when buying a scandinavian table is decide which style you want. Do you want a round table or a square table? Do you want something with straight lines or something with curved edges? The possibilities are endless! You can also decide which material you want the Scandinavian table to be made of. Wood is usually the most popular choice, but there are also tables made of metal and glass.

Scandinavian table round

You can recognize the Scandinavian design by its simplicity and natural design. A minimalist table that exudes simplicity. These tables are often made of wood with refinement. Thanks to the round design, the table becomes a lot more cozy to sit together. You look each other straight in the eyes while dining. This table takes up less space and the furniture has no shapes that you or others can bump into, ideal for families with children.

Scandinavian table oval

For those who cannot choose between a round, square or rectangular table, go for the oval version. It combines the best of both! Give your interior a playful and stylish look at the same time. If you want to create flexibility for the table size, go for an extendable variant. The wooden table suits every interior style and creates a contemporary design in your home. It doesn't matter what style of living you like, a scandinavian oval table goes with everything!

What are Scandinavian tables?

Scandinavian tables are a popular form of furniture in the modern world. They are characterized by a clean, minimalist design that is perfect for smaller spaces. Scandinavian tables are usually made of steel, aluminum or wood and have a sleek design with few decorations. The table top is usually supported by sleek simple round legs.

What do Scandinavian tables cost?

To ensure that these tables are no ordinary commodity, they have taken the time to find the best artisans and designers who can deliver quality to their customers. The Scandinavian table costs from just over a hundred euros to several hundred euros, depending on the size, material type and details.

Where are Scandinavian tables produced?

Scandinavian tables are known for their functional and timeless design. As the name suggests, such tables are often manufactured in Scandinavian countries such as Denmark or Finland. The tables look minimalistic, sober, sleek and practical in use, which makes the atmosphere in the house comfortable.