Corner sofas

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Corner sofa

Buy corner sofa

The best way to provide yourself with a piece of furniture on which you can relax is to buy the corner sofa. You can all sit on it, relax with your legs stretched out and watch TV, or enjoy an evening of drinks with friends. It is an all-rounder that provides your living room with atmosphere and style.

Small corner sofa

For those who have a small surface area such as a studio, it can be a challenge to place a corner sofa, fortunately the small corner sofa has been created for this purpose. To still sit comfortably on the couch together and at the same time not claim the entire living room and make the furniture too dominant. The small corner sofa can also function as a partition between the living and sleeping area.

Leather corner sofa

A leather corner sofa is timeless, durable and becomes more beautiful every day! Whether it concerns modern, rural, industrial or a luxurious environment, leather fits everywhere. There are sofas available in various types of leather, discover your favorite type of leather and enjoy the smell and look it gives you.

Buy large corner sofa

The large corner sofa is for the large household where the whole family and friends can sit together comfortably on the sofa. Get the most out of your space and select a beautiful corner sofa as an eye-catcher. You can also use it as a room divider for the larger living room. There are various types of large corner sofas. You can choose from a wide variety of legs, extra comfort with a sliding seat, headrests or a folding armrest. This way you will always find the right sofa for your living room.

Corner sofa with sleeping function

If the fun has no time, the game night is running out or the TV series is too exciting to stop, there is the corner sofa with sleeping function that will come to the rescue for you and your guests. It is useful for both you and your guests. A piece of furniture with two functions; during the day you can relax on it and once pulled out, folded down and the sofa cushions aside, it transforms into a bed.

How do you set up a corner sofa?

Are you ready for a real couch, one where you can lie down on after a long day at work? Then the corner sofa is the nice, soft, comfortable solution for you. Before you buy the corner sofa, you should think about how you think you can place it in your home. If you have a large living room, do not place the sofa tightly against the wall, then the room will still look spacious. Vice versa is of course not convenient to place a large corner sofa in the middle of the room. In such a case, place the sofa approximately 20 cm away from the wall, in order to still retain the spatial effect.

Which coffee table goes with a corner sofa?

As soon as you start looking for a new sofa, or you have just found one, you should of course also think about the coffee table. This piece of furniture should not be missing in the living room and is multi-purpose. There are various options available. Are you going for a spacious coffee table, an eye-catcher, a practical table with storage space for the remote control, magazines, etc., or are you going for a real coffee table where snacks and drinks can be served? There is a table on the market for every interior and personal taste, if it is not available new, it is available second-hand.

What does a corner sofa cost on average?

To buy a corner sofa, you often have to dig deep into your pockets. Nevertheless, living and furniture should remain affordable for everyone and at the same time remain beautiful. The small corner sofa is an excellent option for the small room, student room or studio, which you can obtain from a few hundred euros. The larger living rooms can go for the large u-shaped corner sofas, which start around €1000. The corner sofa with sleeping function is generally a bit more expensive than the small corner sofa and also starts around the price of € 1000, since the additional sleeping function design and construction is technically more complicated than you think. The material and design also determine the price of the corner sofa.