Garden furniture

Garden furniture

Garden furniture is an essential part of any garden. They not only provide comfort and functionality, but can also serve as a decorative element in the outdoor space. For art and design lovers, finding the perfect garden furniture is therefore an important task to add to the decoration of the garden. The selection of garden furniture at Whoppah is wide.

Garden sets

One of the most popular types of garden furniture is the garden set. Garden sets often consist of a garden table and matching garden chairs, and are available in different materials, colours and styles. Whether you are looking for a modern or classic look, there is always a garden set to suit your taste.

Lounge sets

For those looking for ultimate relaxation in the garden, there is the lounge set. These consist of comfortable sofas or armchairs with matching tables to put drinks or snacks on. Lounge sets are ideal for long summer evenings, reading a book in the sun or taking a nice nap.

Garden chairs

Garden chairs come in many shapes and sizes, from collapsible camping chairs to luxurious loungers with cushions. Choosing the right chair depends on what you want to use it for and what your personal preference is in terms of style.

Material of garden furniture

When choosing garden furniture, material choice is also important. Wooden furniture, for instance, gives a warm look to the garden, whereas aluminium furniture looks modern. On the other hand, plastic furniture is very practical and easy to clean.

Unique pieces

For those looking for unique and unusual garden furniture, there are also plenty of options. Think for example of designer garden furniture or furniture that is handmade; pieces with a quirky design.

Comfort garden furniture

In addition to looks, the comfort of garden furniture is also important. Make sure chairs and sofas sit well, and that the table is at the right height for your height. Cushions can also help add an extra layer of comfort to seating areas.


One of the biggest advantages of good garden furniture is that it is durable. Quality materials like aluminium, wood and plastic can last for years without losing quality. This means you can enjoy your investment for a long time and don't have to buy new ones every year.


There are also different styles available to suit every taste and budget. From modern sleek designs to romantic classic models, there is something for everyone. We therefore recommend that you think carefully about which style suits you before deciding which type of furniture to buy, otherwise pay us a visit!

Maintenance: Protect your garden furniture

Finally, it is important to think about maintenance. Some materials require regular treatment or weather protection, while others are easier to maintain. Keep this in mind when choosing your ideal garden furniture.

Good garden furniture is low-maintenance. This means you don't have to spend a lot of time cleaning or repairing the furniture, giving you more time to enjoy the summer days. Regular cleaning and possibly treating with a protective agent will keep it in good condition, indoor furniture requires less maintenance.

In short, garden furniture is an important part of any outdoor space. Whether you are looking for functionality, comfort or design, there is always a set to suit your needs. By considering material choice, comfort and maintenance, you can enjoy your perfect garden set, lounge set or chair(s) for years to come.