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Curators' favourites
Verner Panton Cone setVerner Panton Cone set
Verner Panton Cone setBuy now for €1,650
Verner Panton Cone setVerner Panton Cone set
Verner Panton Cone setBuy now for €1,650
Putzler hanglampPutzler hanglamp
Putzler hanglampBuy now for €175
De Sede DS-600 SofaDe Sede DS-600 Sofa
De Sede DS-600 SofaBuy now for €9,950
Achille Castiglioni stoelAchille Castiglioni stoel
Achille Castiglioni stoelBuy now for €275
Woja spiraallampWoja spiraallamp
Woja spiraallampBuy now for €99
Sculpturele vaasSculpturele vaas
Sculpturele vaasBid from €80
Multiple Rubber Flower VaseMultiple Rubber Flower Vase
Multiple Rubber Flower VaseBid from €156.80
Raak 185 tafellampRaak 185 tafellamp
Raak 185 tafellampBid from €180
3x Kartell Eros chair3x Kartell Eros chair
3x Kartell Eros chairBid from €180
Design krukDesign kruk
Design krukBid from €200
Whoppah Loves
Murano mushroom swirl lampMurano mushroom swirl lamp
Murano mushroom swirl lampBuy now for €255 -3%
Vintage chairVintage chair
Vintage chairBid from €227.50
2x Baumann stoel2x Baumann stoel
2x Baumann stoelBuy now for €341
2x Foscarini wandlamp2x Foscarini wandlamp
2x Foscarini wandlampBid from €290
Lomazzi octopus kapstokLomazzi octopus kapstok
Lomazzi octopus kapstokBuy now for €395 -21%
lowered in price
lowered in price
Vintage vlinderstoelVintage vlinderstoel
Vintage vlinderstoelBid from €400
Flemming Brylle & Preben JacobsenFlemming Brylle & Preben Jacobsen
Flemming Brylle & Preben JacobsenBuy now for €600 -7%
lowered in price
Evolux mushroom table lampEvolux mushroom table lamp
Evolux mushroom table lampBid from €407.68
Joe Colombo Kd29 lampJoe Colombo Kd29 lamp
Joe Colombo Kd29 lampBuy now for €600
Vintage bamboe kapstokVintage bamboe kapstok
Vintage bamboe kapstokBid from €425
Leolux Zygo SalontafelLeolux Zygo Salontafel
Leolux Zygo SalontafelBid from €450
Verner Panton, Phantom ChairsVerner Panton, Phantom Chairs
Verner Panton, Phantom ChairsBuy now for €708.75
6x B&B Italia Arcona armstoel6x B&B Italia Arcona armstoel
6x B&B Italia Arcona armstoelBuy now for €700 -6%
lowered in price
Vintage bamboo dining tableVintage bamboo dining table
Vintage bamboo dining tableBid from €626.50
Riccardo Dalisi stoelRiccardo Dalisi stoel
Riccardo Dalisi stoelBid from €665
Paltrona Frau Vanity cabinetPaltrona Frau Vanity cabinet
Paltrona Frau Vanity cabinetBuy now for €795 -14%
lowered in price
Poltronau Frau 2,5 zitsbankPoltronau Frau 2,5 zitsbank
Poltronau Frau 2,5 zitsbankBuy now for €1,000 -37%
lowered in price
Leolux Gisa draai fauteuilLeolux Gisa draai fauteuil
Leolux Gisa draai fauteuilBuy now for €1,099
Peter Ghyczy Egg ChairPeter Ghyczy Egg Chair
Peter Ghyczy Egg ChairBid from €800
Whoppah Loves
4xVintage chair4xVintage chair
4xVintage chairBid from €800
Design stoelDesign stoel
Design stoelBid from €840
Vintage patchwork sofaVintage patchwork sofa
Vintage patchwork sofaBid from €850
Roche BoBois eettafelRoche BoBois eettafel
Roche BoBois eettafelBid from €1,000
Verner Panton V-Chair 8800 fauteuilVerner Panton V-Chair 8800 fauteuil
Verner Panton V-Chair 8800 fauteuilBuy now for €1,499 -11%
lowered in price
Whoppah Loves
Knoll Diamond ChairKnoll Diamond Chair
Knoll Diamond ChairBid from €1,050
Alfredo Barbini vaasAlfredo Barbini vaas
Alfredo Barbini vaasBid from €1,050
lowered in price
lowered in price
4x Mid Century eetkamerstoelen4x Mid Century eetkamerstoelen
4x Mid Century eetkamerstoelenBuy now for €1,750
lowered in price
Nini Ferrucci tapijtNini Ferrucci tapijt
Nini Ferrucci tapijtBid from €1,200
Quintal chair by Bart VosQuintal chair by Bart Vos
Quintal chair by Bart VosBid from €1,225
Vintage KARE design lampVintage KARE design lamp
Vintage KARE design lampBid from €1,225
Whoppah Loves
2 x vintage barkrukken2 x vintage barkrukken
2 x vintage barkrukkenBid from €1,350
lowered in price
Whoppah Loves
Franz Bodner meubelFranz Bodner meubel
Franz Bodner meubelBid from €1,575
Philippe Starck vaasPhilippe Starck vaas
Philippe Starck vaasBid from €2,000
2x Nanna Ditzel chair2x Nanna Ditzel chair
2x Nanna Ditzel chairBuy now for €3,100
LILXLYLILXLY - BlisssBid from €2,595
Whoppah Loves
Vintage elementen bankVintage elementen bank
Vintage elementen bankBid from €3,000
Whoppah Loves
Formenti design loungebankFormenti design loungebank
Formenti design loungebankBuy now for €4,500 -18%
lowered in price
Entremanos-bureauBid from €3,970
Whoppah Loves
Design Ronde Pi eettafelDesign Ronde Pi eettafel
Design Ronde Pi eettafelBuy now for €4,495 -10%
lowered in price
Roche Bobois Bubble SofaRoche Bobois Bubble Sofa
Roche Bobois Bubble SofaBid from €4,500
2x De Sede bank DS 7-042x De Sede bank DS 7-04
2x De Sede bank DS 7-04Bid from €4,500
Whoppah Loves
2x Wicker chairs2x Wicker chairs
2x Wicker chairsBid from €4,500
Eames lounge chair+ ottoman XLEames lounge chair+ ottoman XL
Eames lounge chair+ ottoman XLBuy now for €6,850