HAY, born in 2002 in Denmark, is the epitome of modern Scandinavian design. With an extensive collection of furniture and accessories, HAY brings simplicity, functionality, and beauty into every home. At the heart of HAY's philosophy is a commitment to accessible design, making high-quality pieces that everyone can enjoy. Explore HAY's ever-evolving range and discover the perfect blend of form and function for your living space. Embrace the Nordic spirit, where minimalism meets practicality, and elevate your lifestyle with HAY's iconic creations.


Danish design brand HAY

HAY is a well-known Danish design brand that is known worldwide for its contemporary and affordable furniture and home accessories. The brand was founded in 2002 by Rolf and Mette Hay and Troels Holch Povlsen. HAY has quickly built a solid reputation in the design world for its innovative approach to Scandinavian design and its ability to combine quality with accessibility.

History of HAY

HAY started as a modest furniture company in Copenhagen, Denmark. The idea behind the brand was to maintain the principles of high-quality Scandinavian design, but with a more modern and accessible approach. The founders wanted to create furniture and home accessories that were both functional and affordable, without compromising on aesthetics or quality.

Assortment from HAY

HAY offers an extensive range of furniture and home accessories for various rooms in the home. Some of the notable categories and items in their range include:

Chairs and Tables: HAY is known for its collection of chairs and tables with contemporary designs. Iconic chairs such as Hee Welling's "AAC Series" and "About A Chair" offer both comfort and style. The "Copenhague Table" is an example of a table with a sleek Scandinavian design.

Lighting: HAY offers various lighting options, including table lamps, pendant lamps and floor lamps. The "Nelson Ball Wall Lamp" and "Matin Table Lamp" are some examples of their modern lighting designs.

Home accessories: HAY has a range of home accessories, including cushions, vases, plaids and more. These items add a touch of Scandinavian aesthetic to any interior.

Iconic Items from HAY

HAY has some iconic items in its range that appeal to design enthusiasts all over the world. One of the most recognizable is Hee Welling's "HAY About A Chair" (AAC Series), which is known for its simple and functional design.


The "DLM" (Don't Leave Me) side table is a popular and versatile item from HAY. Available in a variety of colors including pink, this table is known for its portability and ease of use. It is ideal as a side table or even as a tray.

Vintage HAY

Although HAY is still a relatively young brand, vintage items are already available that attract collectors and design enthusiasts. Vintage HAY pieces carry the brand's aesthetic and heritage and can add a unique charm to any interior.

Second-hand HAY furniture

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