Second-hand Leolux benches

Vintage Leolux benches

The Dutch brand Leolux has been around since 1934 and is a specialist in sofas, armchairs and tables. The sofas are known for their high quality, comfort and style. You can choose from different colors, fabrics, leather types and designs that suit your personal preferences. Leolux has created sofas for all kinds of spaces, from small apartments to large living rooms with sliding doors or open rooms. Whether you are looking for a comfortable addition to your space with a 2-seater or a more noticeable 3-to-5-seater, you will find the perfect Leolux sofa by taking a look at Whoppah. Which means that you are up to 80% cheaper than when you go for a new sofa.

What is a Leolux sofa?

You can recognize a Leolux sofa thanks to its own handwriting combined with quality and comfort! They are high-quality, durable and aesthetic sofas. Designed to last and very easy to maintain. The foam cushions are made of high-quality materials that provide extra comfort and support. The frames are made of solid wood or metal which ensures durability and longevity. Leolux offers designs that surprise you every time and give you a new look at what exactly sofas should be.

What does a Leolux sofa cost?

The Leolux brand and the sofas from this maker are special sofas that cannot be made and found like many other sofas. Unique models and shapes, beautiful materials and designs with comfort like never experienced before. This makes it quite bulky in terms of cost. Depending on the model, size and materials, the benches cost between €300 and a few thousand euros.

Pulla corner sofa

Investing in a Leolux pulla corner sofa is a decision rooted in the pursuit of ultimate comfort, versatility, and contemporary style. Crafted with precision and the finest materials, the pulla corner sofa offers a level of luxury and durability that is hard to match. Its modular design allows you to adapt the sofa to your unique living space while enjoying ergonomic support. With Leolux's heritage of craftsmanship and timeless design, the Pulla corner sofa is more than mere furniture; it's a statement piece that will enhance your home for years to come.

Vintage Leolux sofa

Leolux stands for innovation, evolution and steady growth. The vintage sofa is one of the most iconic pieces in their collection. It has a timeless style that can be used with ease in any home or office space. It does not matter whether you are looking for a Leolux sofa or a Leolux corner sofa - the Whoppah range offers a choice from a wide range of models, dimensions and colours. Look for a number of beautiful cushions for extra comfort.

Second-hand Leolux sofa

Second-hand can be a great solution for the living room or other room in the house. Furniture available in different colors such as black, brown and dark blue. They can still be found in good condition at Whoppah. Whether you want to fill a large space with a beautiful second-hand sofa or a small room. The Leolux collection always has a beautiful sofa for you. Nice active sitting, stretched out or lounging. You determine your second-hand Leolux sofa yourself at Whoppah. Just like the upholstery and the colours, up to and including the color of the decorative seams. There are countless comfort and size sofas if you are taller or shorter than average.

Leolux leather sofa

The Leolux leather sofa is a luxurious sofa with a timeless design. The sofa has the ability to turn your living room into a stylish comfortable space, perfect for those looking for a beautiful piece of furniture. The Leolux leather sofa is handmade and the frame is made of solid wood or metal. The sofa has comfortable seat cushions that provide comfort while you watch TV or work on the laptop or tablet.

Leolux Tango sofa

This sofa by Jan Armgardt is a beautiful classic. After three decades, this sofa is still a popular piece of furniture. Thanks to handy adjustable functions, you are always comfortable. Beautiful characteristic legs and stylish lines make this sofa the center of your room. Thanks to the adjustable parts on the seat and back on both the left and the right side, you can transform the sofa into a wonderful lounger. You have the option to make your own version sofa by choosing from different colors and fabrics.

Leolux Scylla sofa

The Leolux Scylla sofa was designed by Gerard Vollenbrock and has a beautiful tubular frame that extends all the way to the back of the back and provides the sofa with sturdy armrests. Thanks to the small details and beautiful finish, this sofa is still seen as an all-rounder after many years. Choose from different fillings and a high or low version of the sofa.

What should I pay attention to when purchasing a Leolux sofa?

When buying a Leolux sofa, you need to take a number of aspects into consideration.

  • Your budget
  • The size of your room or space
  • What fits in your interior?
  • The style of the sofa
  • Choose the right colors that match your space
  • Are you going for relaxing furniture or actively sitting furniture?
  • With or without arm and backrests?
  • The height of the seating surface
  • Amount of pillows and what type of filling they have