Lithographs & Prints

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Lithographs & Prints

Lithographs and screen printing are both popular forms of printing used to create works of art. These techniques have their own charm and artistic possibilities, making them popular with artists and collectors alike. You can hang it wherever you want and so it also serves as decoration in your interior.

What is a screen print

Screen printing is a popular printing technique that uses a screen window to apply ink to paper or other material. This technique is known for its vibrant colors and clear lines, giving artwork a distinctive look. The use of screen printing in art has its roots in the pop art movement, and artists such as Andy Warhol contributed to the popularity of this technique.

Corneille screen printing and Herman Brood screen printing

There are some notable artists within the world of screen printing who have influenced the genre with their work. For example, Corneille created beautiful screen prints that reflect his playful and colorful style. On the other side is Herman Brood who is known for his expressive and energetic screen prints in which he brought to life his unique view of the world.

Ton Schulten screen printing

Another well-known artist who creates screen prints is Ton Schulten. He is known for his colorful and cheerful landscapes. His screen prints reflect the rich palette of nature and create a sense of joy and harmony. Ton Schulten has been able to inspire many art lovers with his unique style.


Lithography is another printing technique. Lithography uses a stone or metal plate to create works of art. Artists draw or paint directly on the surface, which allows for a more subtle and refined rendering. Lithographs often have a more traditional look and are valued for their attention to detail and depth.

Buy Screen Printing

Whether you are a lover of vibrant colors and expressive art or prefer refined and detailed works, screen prints and lithographs offer a wide range of options for art collectors. Also at Whoppah, we have a diverse collection of silkscreens and lithographs available for your home decor. Hang one above the sofa in the living room, or hang one in the kitchen where it is beautifully illuminated by a spot. Explore the world of print art and add a touch of artistic beauty to your interior with these beautiful works of art.