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Within an interior, almost nothing is more personal than art. The emotion and creativity put into it by its creator can always be found in everyone's own way. The uniqueness of art naturally makes its beauty, playfulness or, on the contrary, sombre and thus your interior a very personal environment.


Let's start with the definition of art. Art is the conscious creation of something beautiful or meaningful using skill and imagination. It includes a range of human activities, including paintings and drawings, graphics, sculpture, modern media art, photography, film, architecture, literature and poetry. In other words, a lot of forms of art are available. With an image in the home, you create a story; since ancient times, people have been making pictures or images of what they observe. With art in the home, you present a certain reality, such as your wealth, happiness or passion for certain things.

With art, you create a conversation with the person looking at the object. A work of art should (hugely) impress the viewer and convey a feeling. Some paintings are so special that you can still think about them hours later. Something becomes real art when the creator succeeds in convincing the viewer of his or her intention behind the artwork. Successful art pieces give the viewer a new experience or insight.

The art of buying

Are you a lover of art? Unique art objects from well-known artists come online every day. From sculptures to etchings and glass objects to the most beautiful paintings, you'll find it at Whoppah. What do you come across as? Second-hand art by top artists such as Peter Klashorst, Herman Brood, Marc Lagrange, Donkersloot, Mattie Schilders, Gerdine Duijsens, Corneille and many more. The offer ranges from paintings and photography to sculpture. Get inspired and find the work of art that best suits your interior. Art comes in many styles, colours and sizes.

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Sell art

Do you own art and want to sell it online? Simply create an ad and start selling. Many art lovers visit our website or app every day, looking for that one unique item.

Buy second-hand art

Are you also a big fan of art? For every art lover, Whoppah has great offers! From fine art, photos, to posters, paintings, canvas, screen prints and so on. Decorate your space in your home and bring it back to life. Create a certain atmosphere and give your environment a personal story by presenting it with the nicest and most beautiful second-hand art objects.

No matter whether you like vintage or modern art, Whoppah has it all! Think vintage photos, paintings and other objects. Where Modern art especially incorporates more colour.

Buying luxury art

Do you feel your living room or bedroom lacks atmosphere, and wonder how to make it more stylish and atmospheric? Art can transform your space and create the look you want for your interior. Buying art with a luxurious look or special effects? For an exclusive unique artwork, choose a dibond painting, a plexiglass painting or the flamingo series with golden flamingos. These really give your interior a super de luxe look. Really impressive what this does to your interior!

You don't have to go to the expensive art gallery if you are looking for extravagant luxury designer paintings. At Whoppah, you will find plenty of art with a price where you can get up to 70% cheaper compared to a new product or brand.