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Design tables: from dining table to coffee table

Second-hand design table, Whoppah is bursting with it

Eating, drinking, working, crafting and, above all, lots of chatting. The design table (or just as well the 'normal' table) forms the heart of the house. The day is discussed, traditions are formed and happy memories are made with your loved one, family and friends. In the past, most of the living rooms were filled with an elongated table. Now that's a different story. Organic shapes, oval designs and especially the round table are in great demand.

Large collection at tables

Ready for something different? At Whoppah we have a wide collection of second-hand design tables. One design classic is already sixty years old, the other is less than a year old. From design tables that tick off the Scandinavian look to elegant Italian design, industrial interior style and rural design. What they all have in common is their second-hand (and often vintage) character. Better for your wallet, better for the environment. At the table!

View the tables of well-known brands such as Pastoe, Knoll, Vitra, Harvink, Bert Plantagie, B&B Italia and Fritz Hansen and many more here on Whoppah. Or a beautiful vintage dining table.

Design tables: what types of tables are there?

Previously, all types of design tables are grouped under the same denominator. Time to make the distinction. First the second-hand coffee tables, centerpiece in the living room. Or should we say coffee tables? Both mean exactly the same thing, namely a low table that is often placed in the living room next to the sofa - or at least in the sitting area. Handy for parking drinks or for setting up a bunch of flowers and other accessories. As a radiant centerpiece, it is all the more important to realize that the material, style and size are determining factors. For example, a glass table gives a much lighter effect than a solid wooden design table. Keep it nice and airy, keep it spacious.

Then the side table. Often called 'coffee table' or 'coffee table' in the same breath, but it is really a different story. In general, the side table is a design table that is slightly petier and higher, and is used to place a lamp, statue or other accessory piece.

And finally, the dining table. The place where hours are spent dining every week. Where love and sorrow are shared. Because the (second-hand) design table can really last for years, it is all the more important to find out carefully which types of design tables are available. To get a good idea of what is available, it is a good idea to take a look at design tables from well-known brands, such as Pastoe, Knoll, Vitra, Harvink, Bert Plantagie, B&B Italia and Fritz Hansen. Or what about a vintage dining table? If we may give a tip, we do not recommend falling for a trendy design table. Preferably buy a design table that is timeless. Not that you've had enough of it after four seasons. Would be a shame for the wallet and mother earth.

Whoppah, the address for design tables (and more)

Let Whoppah just be full of second-hand design tables. Vintage and more newfangled versions. Why do we focus on that branch of sport? A lot of vintage ('from a good year') is made of high-quality materials, making it a smart investment for years to come. Moreover, the charm of it splashes. Good to know is that team Whoppah curates all design tables (and other design furniture as well). As a result, you as a buyer are assured of quality. Want to sell a second-hand design table yourself instead of buying it? Create an advertisement via the website or app and an enthusiast for the design piece will be found in no time. You bacon buyer, ha!

How do you find the ideal table?

The coffee table is often the center piece of the living room. You can find them in all styles and materials, but think carefully before purchasing a coffee table. Not only is the material very decisive, but also the size. A small glass table gives a very different, much lighter effect than a solid wooden table. Make sure the table compliments the room and contributes to a spacious feeling. Don't cram and make sure you can walk around the table.

The side table is often confused with the coffee table. But the side table is usually smaller and higher and is used to set up something small. It is good to think about the height of the side table in advance. Visualize how high the table needs to be to be able to reach it properly when you sit next to it. If you want to use the table to set up a statue or lamp, think about the height from which it comes into its own and which design fits well with it.

The dining table is perhaps the most difficult to purchase. A second-hand design table is a sustainable and important purchase and should last perhaps 10 years. Therefore, be wary of trends. You might like a trendy funky dining table with all kinds of details for a season, but not anymore after that. Therefore choose a table with a timeless design. Simple and sturdy. With the right styling you can always add your funky touch. Read more tips on how to find the best second-hand design dining table here.

Sell Design tables?

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