Wall decoration

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Wall decoration

Wall decoration is an important part of interior design and can really upgrade the atmosphere and look of a room.

No one is the same and everyone can make different choices and combinations. This means that the right wall decoration, matching personal taste, can really add a personal touch to an interior, creating your own unique interior.


The most common wall decoration is art. Within this, there are several categories when it comes to wall decoration. Below are briefly common categories:

Lithographs & prints Lithographs and prints are prints of original works of art, which are then produced in limited editions. Both techniques have their own distinctive style and effects.

Paintings & drawings Paintings and drawings are the most traditional forms of wall decoration. A painting is a hand-painted work of art on canvas, wood or another material. Drawings can be made with pencil, pen, charcoal or other materials.

Posters Posters have been a popular choice for wall decoration for many years. They are affordable, easily available and there is something for everyone. From classic artwork to modern designs, there is always a poster to suit your style.

Photography Photography is also a great option when it comes to wall decoration. Artistic photos on the wall can be very classy and tasteful. Depending on what your preference is, there are many options. For example, there are photos of beautiful landscapes, portraits or objects.

Complete the space

Decorating your space is almost finished, the dining table with matching chairs is in place, the sofas are in the right place, but nothing is hanging on the walls. With decoration such as clocks, paintings and posters, you can add just that little bit of extra atmosphere to the room.