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For those looking for a real table for the bedroom or make-up room, you can go to the dressing tables from Whoppah. These tables are known for their striking design. These are usually vintage or antique tables used for personal care and makeup application. They often have a mirror, drawers or compartments for storing beauty products and accessories, and a flat surface to place items on. Dressing tables are popular in bedrooms, dressing rooms or make-up studios. The style can range from ornate and decorative to simpler and minimalist designs, depending on the era and personal taste.

The tables are made of high-quality materials such as solid wood and decorated with carvings where the decorations are often ornate. Although dressing tables have historical significance and are still appreciated for their craftsmanship, they may no longer be used as often in modern homes. Modern dining tables often focus on simplicity and functionality, although some people with a preference for traditional or antique furniture still seek out dressing tables for their unique charm.

Why buy a dressing table?

Do you want a furniture that is not readily available in shops or mass-produced? Dressing tables can offer several advantages:

  • Personal care: A dressing table provides a dedicated space to groom yourself, apply make-up, style your hair and get ready for the day.
  • Storage: Many dressing tables have drawers and shelves where you can neatly store your cosmetics, hair accessories and other grooming products, keeping everything within easy reach.
  • Lighting: Dressing tables are often equipped with mirrors and lighting, giving you a good view while applying make-up and grooming yourself.

Dressing table with mirror

For those who pay a lot of attention to make-up or like to look at themselves in the mirror, the dressing table with mirror is ideal! Whoppah features second-hand dressing tables with large or small mirrors, with or without frames, wide or high mirrors, round or square. You will also find dressing tables with drawers and shelves at Whoppah. The latter models are particularly popular as they offer even more storage space for your make-up products. The dressing table can also be used to store all kinds of utensils, such as cosmetics, perfume, hair clips, hair bands and much more.

Vintage dressing table

A vintage dressing table adds a charming and nostalgic atmosphere to any bedroom or dressing room. With refined details and a classic design, this dressing table exudes timeless elegance. The vintage look is enhanced by beautiful carvings and antique mirrors, making it an enchanting showpiece. A vintage dressing table not only provides a dedicated space for personal care, but also adds a touch of character to the interior.