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Modular sofa

Looking for a nice modular sofa for your home? Then buy it second-hand at Whoppah! There are so many beautiful modular sofas already made that buying brand new furniture is definitely not necessary to find your next dream sofa. That's because at Whoppah, you'll find an extensive range of second-hand modular sofas. From modern modular sofas by Leolux, Gelderland to vintage classics from the 1970s by Mario Bellini, de Sede or Ligne Roset. All shapes and styles are offered. Opt for spaciousness and go for a modular sofa! At Whoppah, you'll always find high quality because our team carefully curates the second-hand range of sofas. And don't forget: you can always have your purchased sofa delivered to your home with the help of the Whoppah courier.

What is a modular sofa?

A modular sofa usually refers to a single-element modular sofa made up of several individual modules that together form a flexible and customisable whole. The idea behind a modular sofa is that you can combine and customise different modules to put together a sofa that meets your specific needs and preferences.

The modules of these sofas can consist of seats, backrests, armrests and other elements that can be put together to create the desired configuration. These separate elements give you the ability to adapt the sofa's arrangement to the space available or to changing needs over time. For example, a modular sofa allows you to sit on two sides.

Advantages of a modular sofa

Modular sofas are popular because they offer flexibility and are easily adaptable. For example, you can add extra seating if you want to host more guests, or change the arrangement if you want to use the space in a different way. Moreover, modules are often easy to dismantle and move, which is handy when moving house.

Besides flexibility, modular sofas usually offer a modern and contemporary design. They are available in different styles, colours and materials, so you can choose a sofa that suits your interior and personal taste.

Buying a second-hand modular sofa

When buying a modular sofa, you might not immediately think of buying a second-hand one. Yet this is a good option, as this modular designer sofa will last a long time. If you opt for a modular sofa in leather, for example, it is easy to keep clean. Or go for a modular sofa on legs, so you can easily vacuum under the sofa.