Vitra is a true Swiss design brand. The precision we know from the Swiss is accurately reflected in Vitra's designs. Thus, throughout its history, Vitra has been able to connect with many well-known designers and artists. To name just a few: Charles and Ray Eames, Zaha Hadid, Frank Gery, Hella Jongerius, and Maarten Van Severen. Vitra has a strong architectural character. There is even a Vitra Design museum built that includes a collection of design furniture, lighting and other unusual objects. As such, the passion for design runs deep in Vitra's DNA.

The Vitra brand

A perfect blend of culture and diverse styles

About the Vitra brand

Vitra is a private company owned by Willi and Erika Fehlbaum, founded in 1950 and based in Birsfelden, Switzerland. In 1957, Vitra began producing furniture under licence and from then on its expansion began. The main designers were Charles & Ray Eames and George Nelson. Partnerships began and ended with other designers giving Vitra the rights to their designs for Europe and the Middle East. 2002 was the year of dominance in the home furnishing sector. The collection launched by Vitra in 2004 includes vintage designs and furniture pieces by Charles & Ray Eames, George Nelson, Verner Panton, Antonio Citterio, Jasper Morrison, Alberto Meda and many other renowned designers.

Over the years, Vitra has built its own name and an exquisite collection of chairs and other furniture. To make its furniture more accessible to the public, Vitra has established a museum as an independent foundation that focuses on research and modernisation of designs and architecture.

Vitra sofas

Sofas are not only furniture, but also reflect your lifestyle. The Vitra Sofa collection is very unique. It is a perfect blend of culture and diverse styles. Distinctive styles and functional features make it very easy to choose the right sofas. It is always the centre of attention and adds the element to your interior. Vitra's sofa collection has its own identity. An example of a Vitra sofa is the Vitra Polder Sofa or the Vitra Alcove, designed by Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec. Looking for a sofa for the whole family? Go for the Vitra Grand Sofà, an absolute must-have!

Vitra chairs

Just as sofas take centre stage, chairs also set the mood in your room. They should fit perfectly with your other furniture and interiors. Chairs should stand out and be legendary. Vitra offers classic and contemporary designs of durable quality. If you are looking for dining chairs, it is important to have dining chairs that are comfortable and exude the design that suits your dining room or living room. The Vitra Eames EA 103 is a great example of this.

Vitra also has office chairs. Vitra office chairs have a beautiful design and also make it possible to adopt a good posture. Office chairs meet the highest quality standards. An example of a Vitra office chair is the Vitra EA 119.

Vitra armchairs

Armchairs can be placed in offices as well as at home. Armchairs by Vitra are very comfortable and give you the relief you need after a long day's work, highly recommended if you like genuine design. Relax and lean back in Vitra armchairs. The Vitra Repos or Vitra Grand Repos are beautiful armchairs.

The Vitra Eames Lounge Chair is one of the most famous designs by the Eames brothers, a true classic of its kind. The production of the armchair requires mostly hand-made, steps. Precision and quality are evident in the design, ensuring that the armchair lasts for a long time.

Vitra tables

After expanding and growing in the industry, Vitra shifted their focus to tables and started designing unique tables of premium quality. The tables are sustainably designed by renowned designers and the material is of the highest quality. The tables are available in different sizes and shapes. Coffee tables by Vitra are also trendy and popular. Complete your home or office with a beautiful Vitra side table. Vitra side tables have a beautiful design and are also made of excellent quality. A classic is the Vitra Occasional Table LTR. Go for the Vitra Metal Side table if you want a real eye-catcher in your home!

An example of a large table is the Table S.A.M. Bois by Jean Prouvé. Available in natural oak, dark stained oak or American walnut, it adds a quality, inviting touch to cafeterias, meeting rooms or central areas in landscape offices.