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LinTELOO, hailing from the Netherlands since 1993, brings Dutch design prowess to the world of luxury furnishings. Known for its contemporary sofas and striking tables, LinTELOO creates spaces where comfort meets artistry. Their unique allure lies in a harmonious fusion of modern aesthetics and Dutch craftsmanship. Explore a world where sleek lines and ergonomic designs redefine your living spaces. LinTELOO's creations transform homes into elegant sanctuaries, where form follows function seamlessly. Elevate your surroundings with LinTELOO's distinctive Dutch design, where every piece tells a story of innovation and quality. Welcome the essence of Dutch design into your life with LinTELOO.

Used Linteloo tables

Linteloo tables

Used Linteloo tables

For those looking for a unique table for the living room, dining room or office. A nice side table or maybe a sleek coffee table? Then take a look at the tables of the Linteloo brand which you can find at Whoppah. Linteloo tables have a contemporary and warm look. You will find the Linteloo tables at Whoppah in an extensive collection. That is why you have a real chance that there is a beautiful design table for your home. The two-hand Linteloo tables will also give you an advantage in terms of price. Because if you buy second-hand Linteloo tables at Whoppah, you can easily save 70% on the price compared to a completely new table.

Linteloo tables

Are you furnishing the house in a stylish way? Is the current table too old or does it no longer match the new interior? Are you missing another attention grabber? Then you can't go wrong with a Linteloo table from Whoppah.

Brand Linteloo

The Linteloo brand is a furniture brand with a warm, contemporary look, a combination of sturdy materials and ergonomic intelligence. Naturally, you enjoy exceptionally high quality with a Linteloo table.

Design tables from Linteloo

Every Linteloo table is a unique object. Even after many years, these pieces of furniture still retain their popularity. Take the Linteloo Log coffee table as an example; a robust and at the same time playful table made of solid oak. The Linteloo Lowtide or the Linteloo Obi are also examples of unique designs.

Other examples of tables from the Linteloo brand are;

Linteloo Isola table

The Isola table consists entirely of oak. A table with a pure character, finished with organic table edges. The Linteloo Isola is available in various dimensions such as dining room table, coffee table and side table.

Linteloo Lowtide table

This table is an exceptional coffee table that stands out mainly for its robustness and natural look. The Lowtide is inspired by the tracks made at low tide stay on the beach. By using a computer controlled milling technique, this artistic work of art was created.

Linteloo Kigi side table

The Kigi consists of three tables, three round oak side tables arranged in three different sizes are available. The different sizes ensure many different options. This way you can make the most beautiful compositions. The side tables are available in two colours: oak white wash and smoked oak in oil.