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Getting a breath of fresh air in the house does not have to involve completely replacing the contents. On the contrary! Indoors can already feel very different by replacing just one item. Take a switch of chair. Or rather, of vintage chair. At Whoppah, we have a fine range of second-hand designer furniture that is growing by the day. We call the collection vintage chairs. Vintage design that gets a second (or even third, fourth) life. Good for mother earth, good for the wallet. Go ahead, have a look around and who knows, you might fall for a vintage chair or mix of vintage chairs. P.s. selling vintage designer chairs is also possible!

Find a second-hand vintage chair? Found it!

There's no arguing about taste. And so it is. Where one likes the simplistic Scandinavian style with the natural materials, the other walks away with an eclectic interior. Whatever your taste, within our range of vintage chairs there is guaranteed to be something for you. Take Danish design by Carl Hansen & Søn, for example. Or what about a contemporary vintage chair by French Ligne Roset, a real Italian beauty by Mario Bellini or an original Piet Hein Eek by Dutch designers? Know that the term 'second-hand vintage design chair' says nothing about its quality. Yes, the piece of furniture has had one owner (or several), but that does not diminish its condition. And who knows, you might even get a surprising story in the process. Come on in, vintage stories.

Vintage chair: from dining chair to lounge chair

The vintage chair comes in many variations. From sitting at the table with vintage dining chairs to recharging for a moment in a vintage lounge chair. Once you know which type it may be, the question is what colour, style or designer the vintage chair may be. Whether it will blend with the rest of your interior? No worries, the beauty of vintage chairs (and vintage in general) is that they match very easily and beautifully with any style.

What is a vintage chair?

A vintage chair is a chair that dates from the period between the 1920s and 1990s. Vintage chairs are appreciated for their classic aesthetic, craftsmanship and the nostalgic feeling they evoke. They often have unique features and details that set them apart from modern chairs. These features are representative of the style from the time the piece of furniture was made. For example, a 1970s chair must actually be made during that period and contain the design features of furniture from that era to be called vintage.

What is the difference between a chair and an loungechair?

An lounge chair is a comfortable chair with armrests and often a deeper seat than ordinary chairs. Designed for relaxation and comfort, it is usually used in living rooms, bedrooms or studies. Armchairs usually have soft upholstery and often offer additional features such as adjustable backrests, footrests or swivel bases. They are meant to provide a comfortable seating experience, in which to lounge, read or watch television. An example of a vintage armchair is, for example, the Eames Lounge Chair..

Gispen chair vintage

The Gispen chair is a vintage chair designed by Jan Gispen in the 1930s. It is made of wood and steel, and has a curved backrest with a gentle curve to the seat. his chair is one of the most iconic chairs in Dutch design history. The design has been kept up-to-date with changes such as more comfortable cushions, new woods and an adjustable backrest. Some well-known models of the Gispen brand are, for example, the 412, 101, 356 or 1235.

Vintage design chair

Vintage designer chairs are rare, but if you're lucky enough to come across one, it's worth investing in. Designers often use vintage chairs in their designs to show a sense of history, or to add a level of sophistication. A vintage chair can make an entire room feel more elegant and sophisticated. If you are looking for the perfect chair for your next interior, consider using it. A vintage designer chair is stylish and comfortable all in one!

Vintage lounge chair

The living room is the place in your home where you can unwind. This place often features a sofa, right in front of the television. A sofa is indeed quite comfortable, but a lounge chair is a lovely addition to your living room and has a completely different look than, say, a corner sofa. A vintage lounge chair takes up less space, and is a lazy chair you don't have to share with anyone else. A vintage lounge chair is therefore the perfect place to enjoy your latest book or a good series. These chairs are often made of wood, steel or a combination thereof. Vintage is handmade which makes it a classy piece of furniture that will last for years to come.

What does a vintage chair cost?

It is difficult to determine the true value of a vintage chair. The price can vary depending on the material, style, rarity and brand. The market for vintage chairs is very competitive. There are many manufacturers competing to offer the best possible prices.

What does a second-hand vintage chair cost?

Are you considering buying a vintage chair? For those who find a 'new' vintage chair too expensive or prefer to buy second-hand furniture, you can go for a second-hand vintage chair. These have been used as is often the case with vintage, only there will be some more traces of use visible. This has the advantage that the price is also lower than, say, a new vintage chair. Another advantage when buying a second-hand vintage chair is that you are also doing the environment a favour and not going for a new chair and thus new materials. With a second-hand vintage chair, the material, age, condition of the furniture, signs of use, style and the numbers of the furniture available on the market ultimately determine the price.