De Sede

Discover de Sede – where innovation meets leather. Founded in 1965, this Swiss brand offers a captivating collection of pre-loved, high-end furniture, embodying the fusion of design and luxury. Proudly originating from Switzerland, de Sede specializes in iconic leather sofas and elegant lounge chairs, each piece reflecting the essence of modern living. Yet, what truly sets de Sede apart is their mastery of leather craftsmanship – a touch of expertise that transforms every creation into a work of art. Immerse yourself in the world of design as de Sede introduces these cherished creations to your home, seamlessly blending comfort and sophistication for an unparalleled living experience.
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De Sede


The De Sede brand

The De Sede brand was founded in 1962 by master saddler Ernst Lüthy in a very small village, Klingnau in Switzerland. It all started in a workshop and now they are a leading brand with distribution in 69 countries. The craftsmen in this workshop are highly trained to convert the best possible material and knowledge available for furniture. Quality has been maintained over the years. In 1965, the family business became a limited company with the name De Sede AG, but the principles have remained the same, making class furniture!

De Sede vintage furniture

The brand offers a range of vintage furniture for those who like to include antiques. The sleek and elegant pieces of the late 1960s and 1970s still roll and have made a mark in the industry. The shift towards modernisation has certainly not affected the vintage style. You can look at Whoppah for vintage furniture at great deals. Like the De Sede DS15, the De Sede DS80 or the De Sede DS1025 are some of the vintage items to go crazy for.

De Sede sofas

Sofas are indeed the relaxation companion. Tastes and preferences may vary from person to person. The De Sede brand offers a range for everyone with every type of De Sede sofa you can imagine. The luxury, designer and modern sofas from this brand have set a high standard and dominate the industry today. Some sofas, for example, can also convert into beds, allowing you to binge-watch and relax all day. The designer sofa elements can add a little magic to your home.

De Sede armchairs

Armchairs are really comfy and plush. Looking to relax or rest? Armchairs from De Sede are the right choice for you. Armchairs have many benefits such as improving blood circulation, loosening aching muscles, recliners can increase productivity, are very beneficial for older people and much more. The De Sede brand offers unique designer armchairs that also enhance the aesthetics of your space. De Sede armchairs come in a variety of vibrant colours and attractive designs. If you are looking for warm, cosy chairs, De Sede armchairs are definitely the best option. You can dive into Whoppah's range and look for the right furniture for you.

De Sede chairs

De Sede chairs are made of the best quality wood and premium quality leather or fabric. Chairs are used in homes, offices, hotels, cafes, etc. Every sector needs furniture that is stylish and represents their work area. To meet these broad criteria, the De Sede brand has established its name and is still moving towards modernisation.