Second-hand designer armchairs: an asset to any interior

Design armchairs in different shapes, colors and styles

Everyone knows that an armchair is a chair, but there is still a considerable difference between one and another design armchair. For example, you have the well-known relax armchair, with adjustable backrest and footrest. This one isn't just for older people, by the way, it's great for anyone who wants to sit or lie comfortably in a chair. Whoppah has a wide selection of second-hand design armchairs, choose just one or sell your own armchair.

Second-hand designer armchair? You will definitely find it here!

So many design armchairs have been made that it is sometimes difficult to choose which one to purchase. A good chair is not only comfortable, but also a statement piece and can serve as an 'art object' in the home. In our opinion, a top armchair has the ideal balance between comfort and design and does not make any concessions to either. You can of course always opt for a well-known design classic such as a second-hand Eames lounge chair, the Barcelona chair or the vintage Wassily chair by Marcel Breuer. These iconic chairs have been immensely popular for decades and never run out of style!

But your ideal second-hand armchair does not have to be a design classic. You can of course also opt for a lesser-known designer armchair and go for a vintage Scandinavian copy of good quality leather. You will be surprised by the lesser known used pearls on Whoppah.