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In 1927, designer Pierre Paulin was introduced to the technique of bending plywood. Almost a hundred years later, we are still in awe of this discovery. After all, it brought us the 'Orange Slice': one of the most sought-after design armchairs in the world. Because of its playful look and high quality, this armchair is loved by interior designers and collectors all over the world. And the nice thing is: from every angle, the Orange Slice looks different.

Artifort orange slice second-hand

The Orange Slice by Artifort is also available second-hand with a huge range of beautiful colours, in fabric and leather. Iconic for any living room or lobby, and even more beautiful in a group of Orange Slices. Then the chair seems to change shape from every angle. The armchair is available in two seat heights.

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Sitting on orange wedges

The name 'Orange Slice' is a wink. Not the color (although it is also available in orange), but the shape. If you look closely, you will see that this armchair resembles two orange segments. The original name of the Orange Slice is F437, the footstool is known as the P437. The design consists of two identical upholstered shells that fold around the seating area. The seat rests on a base of chrome or powder-coated steel.

Artifort orange slice replica

De Artifort orange slice stoel is immens populair, waardoor de stoel in grote aantallen gekopieerd worden, oftewel replica’s. De echte in 1960 voor Artifort door Pierre Paulin ontworpen stoel heeft als identificatiekenmerk F437. Hij bestaat uit twee volkomen identieke schelpen (doen denken aan twee sinaasappelpartjes) van geperst beukenhout afgedekt met vormschuim, en heeft een verchroomd metalen buis onderstel.

Bij de reproducties staat eigenlijk altijd aangegeven dat ze dat zijn, en geïnspireerd zijn door Paulin. Ze hebben een roestvrijstalen onderstel, en de kleuren zijn doffer.

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Designed by Pierre Paulin

If you poke around on our website more often, you will probably have come across the name Pierre Paulin. In addition to the Orange Slice, Paulin has also designed many other pieces of furniture for Artifort. Paulin made a great impression on Kho Liang le, Artifort's aesthetic advisor at the time, during an international furniture show. The show-stopping item? A bucket seat. And he has made a lot of them in the years at Artifort. One of our favorites is the F437 Orange Slice. Design vitamins for your interior!

Artifort Orange Slice

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Artifort Orange Slice chair

The Artifort Orange Slice chair is a modern classic designed by Dutch designer Pierre Paulin in 1970. It is an iconic design and a timeless piece of furniture. The chair is characterised by its low, curved shape and bold, brightly coloured upholstery. Its comfortable and inviting design makes it a perfect addition to any contemporary living room or office space.

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With your legs up watching television or rather actively catching up with friends or family in the seating area. What function you attach to the chair already largely determines what type of armchair you choose. It may sound logical that if you want to spend an evening chatting with friends, you don't want to be slumped over. The function you look for in your armchair therefore directly determines the desired seating comfort. Check out the range of Whoppah!

Orange Slice easy chair

The Orange Slice armchair by designer Pierre Paulin is one of the world's best-loved designer armchairs. And rightly so! The iconic armchair makes any room more open, spacious and cheerful. The most striking feature of the Orange Slice is that the chair's two identical shells seem to 'curl up'. If you look closely, it is as if the chair is smiling at you.

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