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Rocking chairs chairs

Rocking chairs for the garden or living room

Rocking chair

For those who love to hang out, recline comfortably and rock back and forth, the rocking chair is the perfect piece of furniture to have in your home. This chair can add value to your life in various ways. Be it for feeding or calming the baby, relaxing in the living room, rocking outside in the garden or relieving your stress and anxiety.

What is a rocking chair?

The name rocking chair actually says enough about exactly what kind of furniture we are talking about. It is a chair in which you can rock. And by rocking, we mean forwards and backwards. These chairs generally stand on two rounded half arches that allow the chair to rock forwards and backwards. The rocking chair is often described as a very comfortable chair that you can sit on with ease to take a nap, read a good book or have a cosy evening drink with friends.

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The rocking chair not only provides comfort but also has many surprising other health benefits. For instance, a rocking chair can reduce anxiety and depression in the elderly. Rocking the rocking chair creates endorphins in your body which improves your mood. This piece of furniture helps every parent soothe babies and create a stronger bond between child and parent. In short, the rocking chair improves the balance of yourself, increases circulation in your body and resolves complaints like back pain.

Design rocking chair

There are several types of rocking chairs available in the market. Those looking for a stylish, good-looking and eye-catching chair choose the designer rocking chair! These rocking chairs are almost similar in design to the traditional variety. Indeed, it generally still features 2 points of contact with the floor. The material, comfort and design set this type of chair apart from the rest. These chairs are made to today's modern standards where comfort, luxury and options abound. Think soft materials like velvet or teddy, extra padding, infinite colours, fabrics and designs. For those who want to dress up the living room with a beautiful chair in which you can relax and unwind, the designer rocking chair is a must-have. It is sleek, modern and gives a beautiful look to your interior.

Vintage rocking chair

When vintage comes to mind, many people think of old sagging furniture. Nothing could be further from the truth! The look in may be old, but the furniture is brand new. It is precisely the old look that makes the vintage rocking chair so special. Vintage furniture is often made of dark wood that has been polished. If it has upholstery on it, these are often colours such as mustard yellow, mint green, orange, red, cream or light brown.

Wooden rocking chair

The rocking chair was traditionally made of wood, which is still trendy today. Go for a wooden rocking chair and embellish it with pretty cushions, a nice plaid and other comfortable accessories to enjoy it even more. The wooden rocking chair is made in different types of wood such as cedar, redwood and cypress which all sit or lie equally well. What natural wood also offers is durability, meaning the chair will last for years to come and the environment is minimally affected when making one.

What does a rocking chair cost?

Whether you are looking for a rocking chair for your living room, nursery, bathroom, bedroom or study, it is all possible. You can put this chair in any room! The price of a rocking chair is on average between €150 and €500 euros. This depends on the size, material and frame.

What makes a good rocking chair?

The type of rocking chair can vary enormously and depends on your taste. Some go for a [rattan rocking chair](/furniture/chairs-and-lounge-chairs/rocking-chairs/rattan, others for a modern designer rocking chair. What really does need to be considered are the following aspects;

  • The size of the chair
  • The material of the chair
  • The hight and depth of the chair
  • Wheter or not the chair is adjustable in hight
  • If the chair has armrest to help you relax
  • the movability of the furniture