Cassina was founded in 1927 in Italy and has since taken the world by storm with its innovative furniture. The brand collaborates with renowned designers to create unique pieces that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing. One of the most important designers who have collaborated with Cassina is Le Corbusier. He designed a number of iconic chairs, including the LC2 and the LC4. Another influential designer closely associated with Cassina is Charlotte Perriand. Cassina continues to innovate and collaborate with contemporary designers such as Patricia Urquiola and Philippe Starck.
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Italian Mastery in Furniture Design

Cassina is a prestigious Italian furniture brand known for its unique mastery in furniture design for more than 90 years. Since its establishment in 1927 in Meda, Italy, Cassina has built an unrivalled reputation as a leading brand that combines traditional craftsmanship with innovative technologies. Cassina's collection includes a range of furniture pieces, including the elegant Cassina sofa, Cassina chair, Cassina armchair, Cassina table and other exquisite Cassina furniture.

Innovative Designs:

Cassina is known for its progressive designs, which are often created in collaboration with internationally renowned designers and architects. The creative vision of these designers is effortlessly translated into unique pieces of furniture that are both aesthetic and functional. Cassina furniture is true eye-catchers that make a statement in any room.

Cassina Sofa:

Cassina sofas are the ultimate combination of comfort and style. With attention to detail, luxurious upholstery and modern designs, Cassina sofas offer inviting seating to relax and enjoy moments of peace and cosiness. Whether a classic model or a contemporary interpretation, Cassina sofas exude elegance.

Cassina Chair and Armchair:

Cassina chairs and armchairs are masterpieces of ergonomics and design. These pieces of furniture not only offer a comfortable seating experience, but are also true works of art in their own right. With a range of styles and materials, Cassina chairs and armchairs fit a variety of interiors and add a touch of Italian sophistication to any living space.

Cassina Table:

Cassina tables are functional and sophisticated pieces of furniture that are the centrepiece of any room. Whether a dining room table, side table or coffee table, Cassina tables are designed with attention to detail and durability. With modern and timeless designs, Cassina tables are versatile and suitable for different interior styles.

Quality and Authenticity:

Cassina is known for its impeccable quality and commitment to authenticity. Each piece of furniture is manufactured with the utmost care and precision, using only high-quality materials. Cassina maintains its traditional artisanal values, while also embracing the latest technologies to produce furniture of the highest standards. For this reason, we at Whoppah have such a wide range of quality furniture from Cassina!

International Recognition:

Cassina has a global presence and is praised by design enthusiasts and professionals around the world. Cassina's furniture can be found in the most prestigious interior design projects, museums and private homes. The brand has won many awards for its innovative designs and remains a prominent player in today's furniture industry.

In short, Cassina embodies Italian mastery in furniture design. With innovative designs, refined details and attention to quality, Cassina has created a timeless collection, including sofas, chairs, armchairs, tables and other exquisite pieces of furniture. Staying true to its artisanal values, the brand remains a symbol of elegance and Italian design in the world of contemporary furniture design.