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Table accessories

A well-set table is not only functional but can also be a beautiful expression of style and personality. Table accessories play a crucial role here. Whether you are looking for a modern, industrial or rustic table decoration for your dining table, the right use of materials and colours can make a world of difference. Whoppah has a diverse range of table accessories.

Different styles of table accessories

Modern table accessories often have a clean and minimalist design. Think elegant napkin holders, sleek salt and pepper mills and streamlined candle holders. Materials such as stainless steel, glass and ceramic are often used to create a contemporary look. The use of geometric shapes and a neutral colour palette enhance the modern character of these accessories. A modernly set table gives a sense of sophistication and class.

Industrial table accessories take their inspiration from raw and unprocessed materials, such as metal, concrete and recycled materials. They have a tough and robust look. Think metal coasters, concrete candle holders and reused wooden planks as coasters. The colours are often muted, such as grey, black and brown. These accessories add a touch of raw charm to any table and are perfect for lovers of industrial décor.

Country table accessories exude warmth and cosiness. Here you will often find handcrafted items made of natural materials such as wood, pottery and rope. Napkins with a rustic pattern, wooden candle holders and handmade ceramic plates are typical examples of country table accessories. The colours are often inspired by nature, such as earth tones and pastel colours. A country table set invites relaxed dinners and enjoying good company. Of course, you can also use country table accessories as table decorations in the living room. Put the table decoration down on your coffee table and it is immediately a lot cozier in your home.

Material and colour table accessories

Wooden table accessories add a warm and organic element to any table setting. Wooden coasters with natural wood grains give a rustic look, while smooth wooden napkin rings add a more refined touch. Using wood can go well with all three of the aforementioned styles, making it a versatile choice. Moreover, wood matches almost any colour and can offer a subtle contrast to a modern interior or, on the contrary, integrate seamlessly into a country theme.

Gold table accessories add a touch of glamour and luxury to the table. Think elegant gold cutlery sets, gold napkin rings and sophisticated candle stands with a gold finish. Gold can be a fantastic choice to create a festive and chic atmosphere on special occasions. It can be beautifully combined with black and dark colours for a dramatic effect or, on the contrary, with pastel shades for an elegant touch.

Black table accessories are ideal for those looking for a contemporary and bold look. Black cutlery, black candle holders and black coasters add a touch of modernity to the table. The strength of black lies in its versatility. It goes well with both modern and industrial styles, and can also serve as a contrast in a rural setting. Combine black with bright colours for a playful effect or with white for a clean and timeless look.

Table accessory set

A table accessory set is a handy collection of decorative items, such as napkin rings, coasters and candle holders, that provide elegant and functional table decoration for different occasions. With a well-chosen table decoration set, you can easily customise the table style and add a personal touch to the table setting.