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The most stylish piece of furniture for your home is the chaise longue sofa! Wonderfully stretched out on a completely velvet bed on which you can relax. A chaise longue sofa not only offers comfort, but also has an elegant appearance. Suitable for both the rural, modern, glamor or industrial house style. It is a piece of furniture that will always appeal to you and the rest of the family, and it will completely match the rest of your furniture.

What is a chaise longue?

The chaise longue is also called the long chair and distinguishes itself from other sitting furniture thanks to the long seat and a backrest on two sides, or one backrest and one armrest. It has something like a single bed and a sofa. This piece of furniture originally comes from Egypt, where a bed with an ebony chair was combined into a chaise longue. As the years went by, this piece of furniture became more and more popular, all over the world. The Greeks, for example, portrayed their gods or goddesses on it. Perhaps that is why this piece of furniture has acquired a bit of that luxurious and chic image. This piece of furniture is versatile and takes up less space compared to the average piece of furniture. Place it against a wall or place the furniture free-standing in the room.

Chaise longue design

The chaise longue design sofa is the perfect furniture to relax completely after a long day of work. A designer sofa also offers much more than what a normal sofa has to offer. Think of a unique design, a sofa with only room for yourself, extra comfort, special upholstery, hip trendy styles and of course relaxation at its best!

Chaise longue modern

For those who love clean lines and functionality, the chaise longue modern furniture is the ideal choice! These furniture are generally made of polyester, leather and plastic. The chaise longue modern is often found in the colors white, black, gray or brown. A sofa with a sleek and simple design with few frills works great in a modern interior.

Chaise longue vintage sofa

The retro heroes among us go for the chaise longue vintage sofa! Round shapes, prints and warm colors are part of this. Anyone who likes nostalgia with an appearance such as corduroy or leather will find vintage completely the end. The colors mustard yellow, orange or moss green combined with golden accessories in your home make this piece of furniture irresistible!

What is a good chaise longue?

  • The ideal size for your interior. Is the longue part in the right place: find the piece of furniture where the chaise longue part is on the right side for you (left or right). This often depends on your interior and layout of the house.
  • The material of the Chaise lounge sofa. To achieve comfort for your sofa, you should pay attention to the choice of materials. The material also determines whether it will match your interior.
  • Comfort of the chaise longue sofa. Almost every sofa has a spring on which the foam lies. The types of foam vary considerably, whereby the densities can also deviate from each other. A lower density offers a more soft and comfortable seat. A high density gives a firm and hard seat.
  • The base of the chaise longue sofa. The legs are often of other colors or even shapes. In addition, pay attention to the height, which can, for example, offer extra storage space, a more spacious design or simply make it easy to clean under the sofa.

What does a chaise longue cost on average?

A chaise longue sofa is a piece of furniture that represents luxury and comfort for you alone! The price of such a sofa therefore does not lie. This can vary from € 1000 euros to several thousand euros. The most important thing here is to find a sofa that suits you and your home style. If the budget is not sufficient, go for a second-hand chaise lounge, which can also offer a great solution!