Buy bookcase

If you like books, magazines or other literature, give them a special place in your home with a bookcase. This piece of furniture is available in various types, colours, styles and sizes. A cupboard for the middle of the living room, against the wall, as a room divider, shelving unit, for hanging; the bookcase buy offers it all.

Tall bookcases

The high bookcases are a suitable option for the somewhat larger room with a high ceiling. The safe storage of your special book collection at a height where children cannot reach it, but the books can still be displayed. A high bookcase for the living room or office where the collector wants to present his special collection to the public.

Steel bookcases

The steel bookcases give the room a tough and industrial look. Such cabinets are also extremely stable thanks to the strong material. Whether you have a modern or a Scandinavian interior, a steel bookcase is a real eye-catcher. You can place both books and home accessories, plants or a lamp in the bookcase.

Modern bookcases

The bookworm prefers to have his favorite books within reach. A standard bookcase quickly looks sloppy or messy, so that the cabinet is hidden somewhere in the house. The modern bookcases offer appearance, design and invite you to see not only the books but also the cabinet up close.

Design bookcases

Special lines, a playful layout, various heights and depths, unique materials; that is what design bookcases stand for. It creates contrast in combination with, for example, a sleek white or dark interior. Thanks to wood, it can provide heat. All in all, the design bookcase is a stylish addition to your home.

How to choose the perfect bookcase?

To get the perfect bookcase at home, you need to think about your own wishes and requirements that should be made of this cabinet. Think about things like;

  • Material type
  • Depth of the cabinet
  • Bookcase with door or drawers?
  • Bookcase layout
  • Use the bookcase as a room divider or not
  • Maintenance on the bookcase

What does a bookcase cost on average?

Are you looking for a bookcase and do you want to know what it will cost you on average? For a standard bookcase, take into account an average amount of between €200 and €1500. This mainly depends on the size, material and color of the cabinet.

What is a good bookcase?

A good bookcase meets your needs. Whether for storing books, decorating your living room or for dividing your living room. Whether it's an industrial bookcase with a rough metal look, a bookcase with doors, a low bookcase, a vintage bookcase, design bookcase or an open bookcase. There is a good bookcase for everyone here at Whoppah!