Whoppah curation rules

On Whoppah you have the most beautiful design items in one place, all items are carefully curated by a team of experts. Every day we lovingly curate hundreds of high-end design items such as vintage finds from the 50’s, 80’s pearls and beautiful modern works of art.

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Whoppah´s curation rules

The item is from a design brand or renowned designer/manufacturer.The item is minimally in good condition and not broken, stained or damaged.The item matches the offering on Whoppah. We focus on vintage and modern design.Is it a vintage or handmade item? Then we look at the period and condition.The item is authentic. We do not accept replicas.
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This is the Whoppah Art collection

Modern Art

Whoppah's collection focuses on modern and contemporary art. From lithographs and serigraphs by well-known artists such as Karel Appel and Herman Brood to glass art by designer Etorre Sottsass.

Work by recognized professional artists

The art works are made by artists who are registered with the RKD (Netherlands Institute for Art History) or who have recently completed the art academy.

Upcoming artists

On Whoppah you will also find work by autodicates. Our art experts assess these works based on professional development, participation in renowned exhibitions and gallery representation.

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Evelien - Co-Founder“The best thing about our work is that we see the most beautiful design items every day. It is obvious that Europe has an enormously rich history when it comes to design. The most beautiful items have already been made and we enjoy immersing ourselves in this every day.”

This is what we check

Good quality photos

Buyers need to get a complete view of the item. Make sure the item is clearly lit and photographed from all sides.

See photo tips

Brand / Designer

Let us know where the item comes from. What is the brand or who is the designer/producer? If you don´t know this, please state in the description which store the item comes from or clearly describe the story behind it.

Product details

Provide as detailed a description of the item as possible. Mention, for example, the origin, the condition of the item and details.

Age and history of the item

We would like to know when the item was produced and/or how long you have owned it. Of course, each item has its own unique story to tell and a future buyer always likes to read this.


At Whoppah we love transparency. Select the condition of the item and let us know which traces of use are present. Don't forget to take a picture of this too!

Asking price

Fill in the asking price. This can be difficult to determine, but keep in mind the brand, condition, age and exclusivity of the item as a guideline.

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