Curation rules


What we call design & art

Does the item have a design brand such as Vitra, Rolf Benz, B&B Italia, Artifort or Moooi? In the case of vintage, antique or handmade we look at the design, the manufacturing period, the condition in relation to the age of the item and the uniqueness.


High quality photography

Good quality photos are extremely important and contribute to a quick sale. Did you know that you sell 3 times faster with good photos? Provide sufficient daylight, do not photograph the towards the light, make sure that the item stands out in its entirety and provide a neutral background. We want buyers to get a good and complete impression of an item, that is why we curate on photos.


Minimal good condition

The condition of an item must be at least 'good'. No major damage, broken items, stains or wear items are accepted on Whoppah.


Provide a full description

The more information that is provided, the faster an item is sold. Please describe the age of an item, where the item was purchased, the purchase price (if applicable) and the condition.


Selling opportunity

We check whether an item is in demand and whether there is a good chance that it will sell quickly on Whoppah. Our curation team assesses this with each advertisement. If we notice that there is less demand for certain items, we may not expand the range accordingly.


An appropriate price

Is the price in line with the market value? Keep in mind that an average of 50% - 70% of the original price will be reduced within 3 years. In the case of art, vintage or unique design items, we look at the market prices.

We are here for you

Selling and buying on Whoppah is safe, easy and fun. Read everything about it in our F.A.Q. Do you have any questions? Our Whoppah Support team will be happy to help you.

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