Buy Linteloo furniture - 70% cheaper than the Linteloo brand

LinTELOO, hailing from the Netherlands since 1993, brings Dutch design prowess to the world of luxury furnishings. Known for its contemporary sofas and striking tables, LinTELOO creates spaces where comfort meets artistry. Their unique allure lies in a harmonious fusion of modern aesthetics and Dutch craftsmanship. Explore a world where sleek lines and ergonomic designs redefine your living spaces. LinTELOO's creations transform homes into elegant sanctuaries, where form follows function seamlessly. Elevate your surroundings with LinTELOO's distinctive Dutch design, where every piece tells a story of innovation and quality. Welcome the essence of Dutch design into your life with LinTELOO.

Second-hand Linteloo furniture

Linteloo Vintage furniture

Second-hand Linteloo furniture

Are you ready for new furniture? Perhaps a copy of Linteloo is worthwhile! Of course it does not have to be in new condition. If you haunt the major furniture boulevards for new furniture, you often look at sky-high prices that run up to thousands of euros. Fortunately, there is no reason to panic if you don't have that money (to spend). Sofas over €800? Don't think so, this can be much cheaper. You can take home beautiful furniture from Linteloo at Whoppah for respective prices.

Vintage furniture from Linteloo

Second-hand vintage furniture can easily give you a 70% advantage over new furniture. At Whoppah you will find many hidden gems of furniture for attractive prices. Check out Whoppah regularly to see if they have something nice. Do not immediately reject Linteloo furniture if it has some damage, but think in solutions. Much damage can be easily repaired. All in all, second-hand furniture at Whoppah offers a lot of options for good prices.

Linteloo furniture

Thanks to the contemporary, warm appearance of Linteloo furniture and its designs and the extensive collection such as the Linteloo Mauro sofa or the Linteloo Aulia coffee table, Linteloo is very popular with a wide audience. Linteloo is a design brand that belongs in every stylish home. The Easy Living, Fabio and Mauro sofas, which were designed by Jan te Lintelo and his own Linteloo Lab, have become true classics in recent years.

Linteloo designers

Top designers such as Henk Vos, Paola Navone and Jan des Bouvrie have also been working with Linteloo for many years . Well-known designs of these designs include the sofas Jan's New Sofa and coffee table Aulia. Designer Roderick Vos gives the Linteloo collection extra cachet with his tables Low Tide, Obi, Manhattan and Popov and art object Nureyev. His Tulipani chair is so well designed that a perfectly comfortable seat is guaranteed even after an hour of sitting.

Sofas of Linteloo

Linteloo sofas offer a variety of colours, models and materials. You will always find a suitable sofa that is perfectly tailored to your personal preference and interior. Think of sofas with a romantic, warm, stylish, luxurious, modern or rural look. Sofas in various sizes, so that you can certainly take into account the space you have at home.

The Linteloo brand offers furniture in the following areas;

Linteloo corner sofas Linteloo tables Linteloo coffee tables Linteloo benches Linteloo chairs Linteloo dining tables Linteloo lamps Linteloo armchairs.