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Havee Rise bank,Havee Rise bank,
Havee Rise bank,Buy now for €1,900 -46%
Leolux Devon Chaise longueLeolux Devon Chaise longue
Leolux Devon Chaise longueBuy now for €3,750
2x Poltrona Frau Chester2x Poltrona Frau Chester
2x Poltrona Frau ChesterBuy now for €1,495
Desede DS17 sofaDesede DS17 sofa
Desede DS17 sofaBid from €100
Lederland Anneline sofaLederland Anneline sofa
Lederland Anneline sofaBid from €2,000
Rolf Benz sofa setRolf Benz sofa set
Rolf Benz sofa setBid from €2,100
Eilersen big carlton setEilersen big carlton set
Eilersen big carlton setBid from €1,800
Jori 2.5 seater sofaJori 2.5 seater sofa
Jori 2.5 seater sofaBid from €70
Vintage sofa from the eightiesVintage sofa from the eighties
Vintage sofa from the eightiesBuy now for €1,195

Looking for a beautiful second-hand designer sofa?

At Whoppah we have an extensive selection of second-hand design sofas

Have you always wanted a beautiful designer sofa? Buy it second hand! So many beautiful sofas have already been made that buying new is certainly not necessary to find your dream sofa. On the contrary. On Whoppah you will find an extensive range of second-hand design sofas. From modern sofas by Leolux, Gelderland and Rolf Benz to vintage classics from the 1970s by Mario Bellini, de Sede or Ligne Roset. All shapes and styles are offered. Go for spacious with a modular sofa, a corner sofa or a 5-seater sofa. Or go for elegant with two 2-seater sofas or a luxurious chaise longue. What do you prefer? A sleek leather two-seater sofa, a comfortable chesterfield or do you prefer a trendy green velvet lounge sofa? You will always find high quality at Whoppah, because our team carefully curates the second-hand range of designer sofas. And don't forget: you can always have your new sofa delivered to your home with the Whoppah courier.

For every interior

From vintage sofas to [Scandinavian design]( we have second-hand sofas for every interior. For example, go for a beautiful leather, vintage sofa from the 1980s. Leather lasts a long time and has a rugged, cool vintage look. Do you prefer super sleek and ultra modern? We've got you covered. We have plenty of second-hand design two-seater sofas, chaise longues, corner sofas and much more to choose from. Whoppah is the largest online platform in second-hand design sofas. All types, sizes and styles are reviewed. There is always a sofa that suits you.

This is how you find your dream sofa

A sofa is one of the most important investments you make in your interior. The sofa is the central piece of furniture in the living room. You need to be able to lounge, read, eat and drink, entertain family and friends, watch TV and even sleep on it, so it makes sense that you take time to find the right sofa.

We have therefore prepared 3 tips for you for purchasing a second-hand sofa.

1. Go for quality and sustainable materials

Always look at the manufacturer and brand of the sofa. A beautiful design sofa often lasts for decades because investments have been made in the use of high-quality materials. That means the best quality leather, suede or wool. Not only does a beautiful design sofa last for years, but the design is often timeless.

2. Look inside

Remember that what's inside a sofa is just as important as what's used on the outside. When it comes to the back and seat of the sofa, filled cushions are very comfortable, but remember to fluff them up and have them refilled from time to time. Foam or fiber fillings can also lose their shape over time and throw the sofa out of shape. A combination of springs and foam is often ideal. Back cushions filled with feathers and seat cushions filled with foam or fiber work well.

3. To measure is to know

There really is nothing worse than buying furniture that doesn't fit in your home. The sofa must be able to pass through the window or door. Get out the tape measure and make sure you're sure of the maximum sofa dimensions that will fit the room. So also check the dimensions of doors and stairs through which the sofa must pass on delivery. Think of those beautiful undamaged walls! If access is limited, you may need to choose a sofa with a low back or a modular sofa that can be moved in in sections. You may have seen your dream sofa, but you also need to be practical. So don't be fooled.

Selling a second-hand design sofa?

Have you changed the design of your living room and does your design sofa no longer match your interior? Put 'on Whoppah - we love nice second-hand sofas. Due to our large platform, we have a lot of buyers who would like to give your sofa a second life. All styles are welcome, as long as it is beautiful design or really vintage. Buyers like it if the sofa is still in good condition. Take a number of good photos of your sofa against a neutral background and place your ad with a clear description on Now all you have to do is wait for a buyer to come along to adopt your gem. Looking for more for your dream interior? Take a look at our full collection [design furniture] (