Looking for a beautiful second-hand designer sofa?

At Whoppah we have an extensive selection of second-hand design sofas


Looking for a nice sofa for your home? Then buy it second-hand at Whoppah! So many beautiful sofas have already been made that buying a brand new sofa is certainly not necessary to find your next dream sofa. In fact, at Whoppah you'll find a wide range of second-hand sofas. From modern sofas by brands like Leolux, Gelderland and Rolf Benz to vintage classics from the 1970s by Mario Bellini, de Sede or Ligne Roset. All shapes and styles are on offer. Opt for spaciousness with a modular sofa, a corner sofa or a 5-seater sofa. Or opt for elegance with two 2-seater sofas or a luxurious chaise longue.

At Whoppah, you will always find high quality because our team carefully curates the second-hand range of sofas. And don't forget: you can always have your purchased sofa delivered to your home with the help of the Whoppah courier.

Buying a second-hand sofa

When buying a sofa, you might not immediately think of buying a second-hand sofa. What people often forget is that there are many advantages to buying second-hand furniture.

  • Second-hand sofas from Whoppah are significantly cheaper than new sofas. This can be especially useful if you have a limited budget or simply want to save money.
  • Buying a second-hand sofa gives you the opportunity to find unique and characterful pieces that you won't find in regular furniture shops. If you are looking for a specific style, vintage pieces or furniture with a story, then the second-hand market is a great place to look.
  • Want to do something good for this world? By buying second-hand furniture, you help reduce the demand for new production. This helps reduce the depletion of natural resources and lower the environmental burden associated with making and transporting new sofas.
  • The quality of sofas that are several years old is often higher than new furniture. This is because older furniture is often made of more durable materials.
  • Do you also hate ordering furniture where a delivery time of six months is given? Avoid this dilemma by choosing second-hand furniture, which is readily available.

Tips for buying your next sofa

To make your next purchase a successful adventure, here are some tips to help you get your next sofa without any worries.

1. Go for quality and durable materials

Always pay attention to the manufacturer and brand of the sofa. A beautiful designer sofa often lasts for decades because you have invested in using high-quality materials. This means leather, suede or wool of the best quality. A beautiful designer sofa will not only last for years, but the design is often timeless.

2. Look at the inside

Remember that the inside of a sofa is just as important as the outside. As for the back and seat of the sofa, padded cushions are very comfortable, but don't forget to pat and refill them from time to time. Foam or fibre fillings can also lose their shape over time, causing the sofa to lose its shape. A combination of springs and foam is often ideal. Back cushions filled with springs and seat cushions filled with foam or fibre go well together.

3. Choose the right shape and size. Measuring is knowing

There really is nothing worse than buying furniture that doesn't fit in your home. The sofa should fit through the window or door. Get out the tape measure and check the maximum dimensions of the sofa that will fit in the room. So also check the dimensions of doors or stairs that the sofa has to pass through upon delivery. Remember those nice, undamaged walls! If access is limited, you may need to opt for a sofa with a low back or a modular sofa that can be moved in parts. You may have seen your dream sofa, but you also need to be practical. So don't be fooled. Apart from being able to move the new sofa inside, it is important that the sofa also 'fits' into the room. For example, a large corner sofa can fit well in a spacious modern living room, while a slimmer sofa will suit a smaller Scandinavian interior better.

4. Think about the style of your living room

A sofa is often the focal point of your living room and can have a big impact on the overall look and feel. Do you want a real eye-catcher? Or a sofa that perfectly matches your recliner or armchair?