Second hand Artifort benches

Vintage Artifort benches

With the Artifort sofa you can sit stylishly and comfortably. They are characterized by their innovative use of materials and distinctive shapes. They are sofas with a comfortable seating comfort and a unique look. A colorful and playful design makes your sofa a true must-have for the eye.

Vintage Artifort benches

The Vintage Artifort sofas are a perfect example of the iconic style that Artifort has become known for over the years. The sofas are designed to be custom made to fit any home or office. They are made with great attention to detail and they have a timeless, classic design. They also have a high level of craftsmanship, which is rare these days.

Second-hand Artifort benches

Second-hand is an excellent way to save money on a quality sofa. They have a similar look to the new sofa in an expensive store, but at a fraction of the price. There are many benefits to buying used furniture, including: • Save money on expensive furniture by up to 70% at Whoppah. • Save time by not having to search in stores but online at Whoppah for furniture. • Buy items that are unique and cannot be found anywhere else. • Helping the environment by reducing the consumption of natural resources such as wood and metal.

Artifort sofa Kho Liang

Indonesian-Dutch designer Kho Liang Ie is still part and visible at Artifort. He was one of the most important founders and protagonist of the Artifort DNA. Sofas of Kho Liang include; • The 070 sofa, with slim and clean lines, an elegant base and a single row of buttons as the finishing touch. • The C683 sofa, with its understated simplicity, is a timeless classic. • The padded C684 sofa, with its understated simplicity, is a timeless classic. • The C416 sofa, a modular sofa and armchair that is special from every angle.

Artifort Mare sofa

The Artifort Mare sofa, which was made by the Dutch designer René Holten , is a timeless sofa with a slightly sober design. This sofa fits perfectly in both modern and classic interiors. The sofa has robust sides and a slim leg construction that extends all the way into the body. A sofa that is distinctive, comfortable and of high quality!

What should I pay attention to when purchasing an Artifort sofa?

The quality of the upholstery, the weight of the sofa and the size of the living room are some things you should pay attention to when purchasing an Artisoft sofa.

What does an Artifort sofa cost?

The cost of the sofa depends on the type of fabric, age, style and size. Prices range from 500 to 6,000 euros.