Used Linteloo 3 to 5 seater sofas

Linteloo 3 to 5 seater sofas

Used Linteloo 3 to 5 seater sofas

The sofa is the central piece of furniture in every home! The furniture not only to sit on functionally, but also a place to get together. Whether it's a drink evening, movie, games or reading a book, the 3 to 5 seater sofas make this a success!

Whoppah has a wide range of second-hand sofas for those looking for a 3 to 5-seater sofa for the family or just to give all your friends a comfortable sitting moment. But why a second-hand and not a new sofa? 3 to 5 seater sofas have been around for many years, so you can easily give them a second or third life. This way you not only save money, but the world also becomes a bit more sustainable. A second-hand 3 to 5 seater sofa will soon give you a 70% advantage compared to a new piece of furniture or brand.

Linteloo 3 to 5 seater sofas

At Whoppah you will find various types and brands of 3 to 5 seater sofas which are offered in excellent condition for an attractive price. You can also find the Linteloo brand at Whoppah when it comes to 3 to 5 sofas. Linteloo is all about connection, or bringing people together, creating an environment that feels relaxed and safe. The Linteloo sofas that Whoppah has in house have been transformed into design furniture with passion and craftsmanship. Linteloo is a real Dutch Design Style brand and is characterized by sleek, livable and contemporary designs. Feeling and experience are paramount when designing the quality furniture; the feel-good factor you get with this furniture is very important!

Examples of Linteloo 3 to 5 seater sofas which you can find at Whoppah;

The Linteloo Gilbert sofa

This sofa was designed by Sebastian Herkner and gives you the opportunity to own, contemporary version of the 19th century tête-à-tête: a sofa on which you can sit at an angle and it invites you to a good conversation. Lounging in silence for hours With a good book you can of course. Comfort, flexibility and individuality.

The Linteloo Winston sofa

This sofa is inspired by the friendship that Jan te Lintelo has with Winston Gerschtanowitz. The Winston sofa is an updated version of the very first classic from Jan te Lintelo: Easy Living. The Winston sofa features angular elements compared to the first classic, but certainly not less comfortable. Winston is equipped with a generous seat that reflects the world of style and a detailed finish come together perfectly. The sofa, handmade in Italy, stands low on its legs, which creates an inviting character.

The Linteloo Mauro

The Mauro sofa is like a cat stretching out in the morning sun: long, low, elegant and completely relaxed, completely at ease with oneself and the world. No It's a wonder that 'Mauro' has been one of Linteloo 's bestsellers since its inception. The various elements in this series, which also includes an armchair, longchair and dormeuse, offer a wide variety of seating options.

Other Linteloo models which are 3 to 5 seater sofas and can be purchased at Whoppah for a competitive price are; Linteloo Amalfi the Linteloo Blend the Linteloo Malibu the Linteloo Broadway the Linteloo Bold the Linteloo Sergio the Linteloo George etc.