Drinks cabinet

Drinks cabinets

It has to be said: a drinks cabinet is a good addition to your interior. Not for nothing that the piece of furniture is making its (re)entry into living rooms. Beverage brands make true design pieces of their rums, whiskies, vodkas and other alcoholic refreshments. And that, that deserves a handsome cabinet, not a dark fridge or cellar. Behold, the liquor cabinet. The place to display the waters of speech inclusively. Of course, that drink has to be in a beautiful glass, which stand glittering in the sideboard.

At Whoppah, we love vintage design as well as a drink in time. A duo that meets in the drinks cabinet. But it also listens to 'bar cabinet' or 'home bar'. Because let's face it, the bulk of drinks cabinets are real showstoppers and conversation starters. Have you spotted our range of curated second-hand drinks cabinets yet? Something for everyone.

Liquor cabinet: 1960s craze is back

Life is a party, you just have to hang the garlands yourself. Hah, let the vintage drinks cabinet be the appropriate piece of furniture for that. This little cabinet is one out of thousands. In the 60s and 70s, you saw them in many interiors, then not for a while, but now the drinks cabinet has been dusted off and is very hip again. They come in many shapes, styles, materials and brands. Its luxurious look, often nostalgic accent and flair make it an everyman's friend. Not to mention its often solid wood, understated and inviting appearance. It is an easy piece of furniture that blends into a variety of living styles with ease. Depending on how you live, the drinks cabinet will look best in the living room, dining room or kitchen.

Beverage cabinet made of wood

For durability or country tone, choose a drinks cabinet made of wood. Its sturdiness, durability and solid materials, some of which are even handmade, make it a work of art in itself. Just as wine is aged in wooden barrels, drinks should be stored in a beverage cabinet made of wood.

Characteristic of the drinks cabinet is the section for bottles and the separate section for glassware. Everything within easy reach. Generally, liquor cabinets are closed from head to toe, but partly open, partly closed is no exception. And what if it's THE cupboard, only drinks don't enter the door? Even then, it is a pleasant addition for storing knickknacks to toys. Admittedly, we actually do the liquor cabinet far too short with the term 'liquor cabinet'. Of-all-markets-home cupboard would not be out of place.

Liquor cabinet wanted? Whoppah knows what to do

Special attention to the vintage beverage cabinets. Those that have already been enjoyed and have many stories to tell. In our online marketplace of premium second-hand furniture, we've had the pleasure of including some exceptional ones. Curated and approved by team Whoppah. Whether you consider the environment when buying new furniture and thus consciously choose a drinks cabinet that has already had a life for you or have a weakness for vintage design, there is always something beautiful in between. Be assured of an exceptional drinks cabinet that is well worth the investment. Shaken, not stirred, please!