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Buy table Table lamps at Whoppah. Design table lamps and vintage table lamps. Wide range with the best deals on second-hand table lamps.

Table lamps bring a nice combination of practicality and aesthetics to an interior. Besides illuminating its surroundings, a table lamp can be a decorative part of the room even when it is switched off. A table lamp need not only function as a

Table lamp industrial

We at Whoppah have curated a wide range of industrial table lamps and reading lamps from across Europe and beyond. Our selection of table lamp designs ranges from small table lamps or spotlights for accent lighting to larger eye-catchers and high-quality desk lamps. Feel free to explore our wide selection to buy a new table lamp for your home, and remember that table lamps are also great gift ideas if you want to give a memorable, timeless and functional gift.

Find the best second-hand table lamps on Whoppah

Lighting adds quite a bit of atmosphere to your interior. Take the table lamp: a practical light sculpture that provides you with light when you're reading a book, working or when you're having dinner. Table lamps have long ceased to be purely practical and have long occupied a prominent place in interiors. After all, the eye wants something too. At Whoppah, we have a very nice selection of pre-loved table lamps, selected by our curation team. Looking for a luxurious Hollywood Regency lamp for on the sideboard, a vintage mid-century modern lamp for on the dining table or second-hand space age table lamps? We have them! Browse the selection and illuminate your interior with unique light sculptures.

Design table lamps

With a designer table lamp, you can easily create a cosy atmosphere in your living room. You can also use a design table lamp as a reading lamp, work lamp or even as a main light in the room. Choose the perfect table lamp for your interior at Whoppah! Our selection includes classic and modern table lamps from the best brands, such as Luceplan, Cassina, Artemide, and Artifort.

Why buy a pre-loved table lamp?

Why buy a new lamp when there are so many second-hand gems waiting for a new owner? At Whoppah, we love second-hand lamps. After all, we think it's extra special that each one has already had an owner. And did you know that the label second-hand does not necessarily mean anything about the condition of the lamp? Each item on Whoppah is curated on age, condition and brand, among other things. So you know exactly what to expect from your future second-hand table lamp!

A vintage table lamp for every style

A beautiful vintage Gispen, a cool space age mushroom lamp or a modern, high-end Kartell table lamp: we have light sculptures in various styles and materials. Many vintage lamps are made of (smoked or murano) glass, brass, chrome and steel. These materials are still widely used today in the production of modern lamps because they make them last a long time. So the pre-loved table lamps on Whoppah can still last a few rounds. Which style suits you?

Frequently asked questions about table lamps

How do you place a table lamp?

Design or vintage table lamps are especially useful on bedside tables and desks, and they cast a pleasant, warm light when placed on a shelf or as a window light. A table lamp can also be a bright [study lamp](/en/ lighting/ desk lamps) or spotlight, which can be pointed downwards on a tabletop or towards a wall. Many cordless or portable table lamps can be used both indoors and outdoors, and our outdoor lamp range includes elegant table lamps for the patio and other table lamps suitable for outdoor use.

How do I choose a table lamp?

First, think about where you want to use your new table lamp. Pendant lamps, ceiling lights and desk lamps often have an adjustable arm and shade to direct the light where you want it. Modern table lamps can also have a variety of technical features, such as a touch dimmer, timer or rechargeable battery.

How many lumens do you need for a designer table lamp?

Choose a bulb for your table lamp based on its function and the size of the living space. When using an LED lamp, about 450 lumens, equivalent to a 40-watt incandescent bulb should be sufficient for general purposes, such as reading and writing. Lower lumen values are great for ambient or decorative lighting. If you need particularly efficient light for working, the brightness can range from around 800 to even 2,500 lumens, depending on the size of the living space.