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Shopping on Whoppah


Curated offering

All of the offering on Whoppah has been carefully curated by our team. With a unique offering of more than 1,000 professional sellers and thousands of private individuals, Whoppah is already the treasure trove of the internet for more than a million users.

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Shopping on Whoppah


Place a bid and get a good deal

Place a bid. Your bid is 48 hours valid. When the seller accepts a bid you have a deal and you need to purchase the item. When your bid is declined, you can always place a counter offer.

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Shopping on Whoppah


Buyer protection

We protect you as a buyer. You pay Whoppah and we pay the seller when you have received the item in good order. Is the item not as described in the listing? Then you get your money back. Did you order via the Whoppah courier? Then you can return to Whoppah within 14 days.

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Shopping on Whoppah


Courier service

Have your purchase easily delivered to your home by the Whoppah courier. We will collect it from the seller, check the condition and deliver it to you neatly and insured.

This is why shopping on Whoppah is so nice

We make it super easy to find your second-hand design furniture or art online. All the offerings on Whoppah have been carefully curated by our team. Whoppah users think this is a big advantage: all beautiful items in one place and certainly of quality.

Why buy new when so many beautiful design items have already been made? Go for sustainable and go for second-hand

We protect you as a buyer. You pay to Whoppah and we pay the seller if you have received or picked up the item in good order. Is the item not as described or broken, for example? Then you will get your money back. This does not apply if the item is sent by parcel post. You can if you have the item delivered by the Whoppah courier or pick it up yourself.

Have your purchase easily delivered to your home by the Whoppah courier. We pick it up from the seller and deliver it neatly and insured to you.

We are ready for you. You can always call or email us if you have any questions.

I want to make an offer

Everyone wants a good deal, that's why you can bid on Whoppah. We do have one rule: if your offer is accepted, you have a deal and you must pay the purchase. In this way we ensure a reliable service.

If you place a bid, it is valid for 48 hours. The seller can accept, reject or counter-offer your offer within 48 hours. Because bids expire after 48 hours, you cannot see bids from other users.

Is there a deal? Then you can pay easily and securely via Whoppah with iDeal or credit card.

In 80% of the cases, a bid leads to a deal. That's Whoppah!

I want to buy immediately

Sometimes you can be sure. You have found your dream item and of course you do not want someone else to beat you. Then you can buy the item directly at the Buy Now price from the seller.

Buyer protection

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Not as described in advertisement. You get your money back

Buyer may return purchase to Whoppah by our courier within 14 days.

Whoppah delivery

Make it easy for yourself and have your purchase insured picked up and delivered to you by the Whoppah courier. Our couriers are experienced luxury furniture transporters and always very friendly and helpful. After your purchase, our planning department will contact you and the seller by telephone to determine how the transport can be realized.

Buyer protection

Everyone wants to shop and pay securely online. We understand that very well! That is why we protect you as a buyer. Payments via Whoppah are secured via online payment service provider Stripe and if your purchase is not as presented in the advertisement (think of a different color or gross damage that has not been reported in the advertisement), you will receive your money back and the item will be returned. Payments outside of Whoppah are not allowed.


Creating an account is free. If you make a purchase, we charge € 1.99 transaction costs. These costs are necessary to be able to pay for the Stripe payment service.


On Whoppah you can return your purchase to Whoppah within 14 days. This means that if you are not satisfied with your purchase, we will pick it up again. This only applies to items delivered by the Whoppah courier, so that we have been able to verify the condition in which the item was delivered. The transport costs for the return are for the buyer.

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Read the Whoppah Reviews

Read about the experiences of buyers and sellers on Whoppah here.

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Rotate and keep your interior alive!

Type of Renate Co-Founder

I like variety and I am inspired by new styles and special items all year round. Then it is difficult to keep the interior static. I see our interior as something that you have to maintain and that is never finished. When I come across a special item on Whoppah again, it inspires me to redesign a corner. A chair goes in and a chair goes out. Sometimes I go for modern and sleek and other times for more classic Italian. Always for design classics, they keep their value and you can easily rotate. An ideal sustainable way to keep the interior alive and to enjoy several classics :-).