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Buy the item for the asking pricePay directly via the 'Buy now' buttonWe pay the seller as soon as you receive your item properly

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Negotiate for a better priceYour bid is valid for 48 hoursWe have one rule at Whoppah: deal is deal. If you make an offer and it is accepted, you have to meet the purchase. Kind of fair!
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All about paying on Whoppah

Whoppah as intermediaryAs a buyer, you always pay Whoppah first. You can do this using your favourite payment method. The money will be temporarily deposited in a suspense account. Once you have received your purchase in good order, we will pay the seller. You have 10 days to indicate whether your purchase has arrived in good order. If you do not indicate anything, we will pay the seller after 10 days. To ensure safe transactions, payments are not allowed outside Whoppah. Does something go wrong? Our customer service will be there for you!
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Returns with buyer protection

Not satisfied with your purchase? Does the item turn out to be different than pictured? Protect your purchase for 5% of the purchase price. includes:

Not good? Money Back.

Return guarantee to Whoppah (return costs for buyer)

Insurance for non-arrived items by post

Buyer Protection

We got you covered for just 5% of the purchase price.

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No more worries on how to get your item to your place. On Whoppah you can have your item delivered by our own in-house courier service or have it safely shipped via mail.

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