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Shopping on Whoppah


Curated offering

The offer at Whoppah have been carefully selected by our professional curation team. This way you find the most beautiful design in one place and you are assured of quality.

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Shopping on Whoppah


Place a bid and get a good deal

Did you see something you want? Purchase directly with the 'Buy now' button. Or place a bid, this offer is valid for 48 hours. Note: If the seller accepts your offer, you have a deal and you must fulfill the purchase. That's the only rule we have. Is your offer rejected? Then you can you can always place a counter offer.

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Shopping on Whoppah


Return policy

We offer you care free shopping if you select buyer protection. You can return the item in 14 day to Whoppah with the Whoppah buyer protection? Read more.

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Shopping on Whoppah


Courier service

Have your purchase easily delivered to your home by the Whoppah courier. We will collect it from the seller, check the condition and deliver it to you neatly and insured.

Shopping on Whoppah is easy and safe

At Whoppah we make it easy to buy second-hand design, art and vintage. All items on Whoppah have been carefully selected by our curation team. That is a big advantage, because this way you can find all the beautiful items in one place and you are assured of quality.

Also, buying second-hand items is a sustainable choice. Why buy new when so many beautiful design items have already been made?

We protect you as a buyer
That's why we offer the Whoppah buyer protection when you pay through our platform. The buyer protection is 3% of the purchase amount and you can add this in the checkout.
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Have your purchase delivered at home
Make it easy on yourself and have your purchase picked up and delivered to your home by the Whoppah courier. Our couriers are experienced furniture transporters and very helpful.

Buyer protection

Are you not as happy with your purchase as expected? Or does your purchase turn out to be different than advertised? Protect your purchase for just 3% of your order amount. The buyer protection includes:

– Money-back-guarantee

– Return guarantee to Whoppah

– Quality check by Whoppah courier

– Mediation assistance

– Insurance for items that have not arrived by post

Return with buyer protection

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Read more about the Whoppah buyer protection

Whoppah delivery

Make it easy for yourself and have your purchase insured picked up and delivered to you by the Whoppah courier. Our couriers are experienced luxury furniture transporters and always very friendly and helpful. After your purchase, our planning department will contact you and the seller by telephone to determine how the transport can be realized.


It doesn't happen often, but in some cases an item is not as expected. In such a situation you may want to be able to return the item. In the following cases it is possible to return the item. Please note: the shipping and return costs are for the buyer. We apply the following policy:

Return to the seller : The item is in reality not as presented in the advertisement and contains indisputable defects such as: a different color, missing parts or damage or traces of use that have not been reported by the seller. In this case, we ask you to contact the seller first to come to a solution such as a discount or to return the item to the seller. This seller is obliged to take the item back in this case. Please also inform Whoppah as soon as possible. Payout to the seller will be paused by us until a solution is found. If you have opted for buyer protection, Whoppah will mediate for you!

Return to Whoppah: this is only possible if you have opted for buyer protection. You are not happy with the purchase and you want to return it? You can return within 14 days (from the day of delivery) to Whoppah instead of to the seller. Please note: in this case, the return costs and the delivery costs are for you as buyer. In this case, you will receive the purchase amount minus delivery costs and return costs.

- The item was damaged during transportation with the Whoppah courier. Please note: we are in no way liable for damage caused during pick-up by the buyer or shipment via parcel post from another party.

It is also possible to sell the item yourself on Whoppah. We do not charge a sales commission.

Read all about buyer protection

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Read the Whoppah Reviews

Read about the experiences of buyers and sellers on Whoppah here.

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Rotate and keep your interior alive!

Type of Renate Co-Founder

I like variety and I am inspired by new styles and special items all year round. Then it is difficult to keep the interior static. I see our interior as something that you have to maintain and that is never finished. When I come across a special item on Whoppah again, it inspires me to redesign a corner. A chair goes in and a chair goes out. Sometimes I go for modern and sleek and other times for more classic Italian. Always for design classics, they keep their value and you can easily rotate. An ideal sustainable way to keep the interior alive and to enjoy several classics :-).