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Second-hand Linteloo corner sofas

Linteloo corner sofas

Used Linteloo corner sofas

Second-hand corner sofas are a durable and price-friendly option to create a nice sitting area in the home or office. Do you opt for a second-hand corner sofa? Then you know for sure that you choose a sustainable option and that you contribute to the circular economy. You can breathe new life into the second-hand sofa! In addition to the fact that a second-hand sofa is very durable and you make a positive contribution to the environment, choosing second-hand is also a price-friendly choice.

It does not matter whether you are looking for a second-hand corner sofa for the living room or other room, at Whoppah you will always find a corner sofa that suits your needs. So feel free to look further in the range.

Linteloo corner sofas

Linteloo sofas are part of the Whoppah collection. They are sofas with designs that stand the test of time through quality and a long lifespan. They stand for comfort in form, function and experience. Linteloo has been offering distinctive designs by international top designers for more than 25 years. Each sofa is handmade in the Netherlands or Italy by manufacturers with a long tradition and a wealth of experience. Only the highest quality materials are used in the manufacture of each item. Some examples of Linteloo corner sofas which you can find at Whoppah;

The Linteloo BLEND couch

A sofa designed by designer Anthony Guerrée. A sofa with a shared love for the combination of functionality, design and craftsmanship. The BLEND dining room sofa reflects this: extremely practical, pleasing to the eye and amazingly well made.

The Linteloo Hamptons sofa

This sofa conjures up images of long and lazy summer evenings, of walks along miles of beaches followed by hours of lounging, contemplating life and enjoying the fruits of local, award-winning vineyards. And if ever there was a furniture series that complements such a relaxed lifestyle, it is the 'Hamptons' by Jan te Lintelo: extremely flexible with countless combinations of seating elements and footstools that perfectly match your wishes and taste.

The Linteloo Fabio corner sofa

LINTELOO's own 'Fabio' designed by Jan te Lintelo in 2004 meets this standard perfectly, with its geometric lines and relaxed attitude. Fabio is aesthetically pleasing and very, very comfortable.

The Linteloo Madison corner sofa

The bench reminds you of Madison Square Park: a real city park, with a view of the iconic Flatiron Building. When Jan te Lintelo designed his versatile, modular 'Madison' series in 2018, he opted for the same perfect combination.

The Linteloo Relax corner sofa

The Relax is the ultimate comfort, was designed in 2016 by the well-known Dutch designer Jan des Bouvrie. Its slim, low shape is elegant and unobtrusive, while the loose back cushions can be easily rearranged according to your needs: reading, lounging or 'resting your eyes'. Place as many pillows as you want, according to your lifestyle and choice. That is why 'Relax' is the very appropriate name for this modular series with a wide range of elements, which offers great versatility in layout and use.