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Versatile, bright and stylish pendant lights make a wonderful addition to almost any room. Suspended from a ceiling, pendant lights can provide directional or ambient light, depending on the type of shade used. They come in different styles, shapes, sizes and materials, so you can always find a pendant lamp to match your interior at Whoppah.

Looking for a designer pendant lamp?

Pendant lamps contribute enormously to your living comfort and make a house livable. With a pendant lamp, you create a concentrated beam of light in one spot in your home. Some pendant lamps or table lamps feature a lampshade, while others consist of simply a bulb or a sphere of (opal) glass.

Pendant lamp for several applications

Pendant lamps are a popular choice for kitchens because they are so practical! Whether you have a small cooking space to illuminate, or want to hang a series of pendant lights above a kitchen island to brighten up a spacious worktop, our selection of pendant lights has something for every home cook.

Pendant lights for a cosy atmosphere at the kitchen table

Pendant lights are also a stylish choice for adding cosy lighting to a small dining table or a breakfast nook. Shop a range of styles, including country pendant lights in rustic wood finishes and modern kitchen pendants in sleek minimalist metal finishes like wood and metal. You can hang a pendant lamp over the dining table, of course, but there are creative uses as well. Use your pendant lamp as a nightlight by hanging it next to the bed, or hang the lamp above your dresser to highlight your favourite vase.

Second-hand design lamps for lovers

If you're looking for a new lamp, it won't have escaped your notice. A design lamp comes with a price tag - and logical too, because design lamps are carefully designed and made of high-quality materials. With a designer pendant lamp, you bring a statement piece into your home. Choose a sleek and modern pendant lamp by Artemide, or go for a vintage model, such as a brass chandelier. With pendant lamps, you can easily bring atmosphere into your home and show who you are at the same time. Thanks to our huge stock, we have a pendant lamp to suit almost every budget and taste.

Frequently asked questions about hanging lamps

How can you hang a pendant lamp in the kitchen?

While decorative options for pendant lights are important, installation is also an important factor to consider for pendant lights in the kitchen. As a general rule, pendants should hang 12-20 cm below an 8-foot ceiling. For every additional foot of ceiling height, add 3 cm. For example, in kitchens with 9-foot ceilings, the pendant should hang 15-23 cm below it.

How big should a pendant lamp over a kitchen island be?

Usually pendant lights in kitchens (at their lowest point) are hung about 32 inches to 36 inches above the countertop. You should take the total measurement from the floor. That means down to the bottom of the pendant lamp. The ideal height is about 69 to 72 cm from the floor to the base of the pendant.

How high should a pendant lamp above a dining table be?

The recommended height to hang a pendant above a table is 28 to 32 cm, but the fixture can be hung slightly higher or lower depending on personal preference, fixture size and ceiling height.

What is a good wattage for a pendant lamp?

When it comes to the brightness of your pendant lamp, consider where you hang pendant lights. If you're going for more ambience and using an incandescent bulb, a good rule of thumb is 2 watts per square metre. That would be 200 watts for a 10 x 10 square metre room.

How many lumens does a kitchen pendant lamp need?

We recommend somewhere between 35 and 50 lumens per square metre of kitchen island pendant. The upper or lower end of that range depends on the size of your space, other lighting in the room and the ambience you are looking for in the specific living space.

What are the different shapes of pendant lights?

Pendant lamps come in many different shapes and styles. Some popular shapes include Globe, Square, Linear, Teardrop, Bell Jar and Cylinder. Moreover, pendant lamps can come in a wide range of materials and finishes, such as glass, metal, slate and even concrete!