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Leolux is a typical family company that we categorize under the heading of Dutch pride. Since 1934, this furniture company has experienced a true evolution when it comes to comfort, quality, and innovation. Today, sustainability and self-awareness have been added as spearheads and are flawlessly combined with modern design. Leolux is known for its colorful leather chairs, armchairs, and sofas. Besides high quality design, they also use top quality leather that comes from local partners as in the case of the Hilco Leolux armchair.
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About the Leolux brand

Second-hand Leolux design

Leolux brand

Leolux was founded in 1934 with just a few employees. The furniture produced at the time was traditional. The first few years did not go well. There were many ups and downs. After the war, Ton Sanders took over the management of the company. In 1948, he bought the company together with his brother Jan and invested all their money in the company. It was the beginning of a new era. The company began to take shape and progress. In the second half of the 1950s, the logo became the luxurious Leolux lion. Italian and Danish designers began to appear, and soon some of them joined Leolux. Harry de Groot, a very young designer, joined the brothers and designed a modern collection. The brothers had interesting ideas that were way ahead of their time. Because of these futuristic ideas, Leolux struggled a bit. Leolux always relied on creativity and tried to introduce new designs.

Leolux outlet

Leolux furniture is of such high quality and lasts for so many years that the products are available even second-hand or in second-hand shops at much lower prices. It is advantageous for those with little money to spend. Leolux's creativity is superior, so you can be sure the furniture is stylish and great value. So take advantage of what Whoppah has to offer!

Leolux sofas

Sofas are like expressions. They help you express your lifestyle and convey your feelings even better than words. The Leolux sofa collection has a sofa for every taste, budget and desire. Check out the Leolux Mayon sofa, the Leolux Elias sofa, the Leolux Adartne sofa, the Leolux Flint sofa and many other beautiful models.

Leolux chairs

Versatility, modern and high-quality design are the hallmarks of the Leolux brand. They have left their mark on creativity and innovation. The extensive and diverse collection allows you to choose all types of chairs. You can even view the designs from a distance and fall in love with the finishes and fabrics of the chairs.

Designer chairs from Leolux

Most Leolux chairs are made of plastic, but there are also many fabric models on the market. The chairs are stylish and well-made and can be combined with other furniture to create a unique and stylish style in your home. Leolux chairs are comfortable, durable and made of high-quality materials. They also come in many different styles and designs, so they can be a great addition to any interior. Both at home and in the office, Leolux chairs are a popular choice.

Leolux designer furniture

At Leolux, you are sure to find an armchair that suits you. Leolux armchairs are known for their comfort, sturdiness and reliability, so you can enjoy your favourite armchair for years to come. The armchairs are available in various styles and sizes, so there is always an armchair to suit your interior. Whether you opt for the classic look of a leather armchair or the modern look of a fabric armchair, Leolux has it all. In addition, the brand specialises in producing armchairs with an ergonomic design that is comfortable for your body. So with a Leolux armchair, you always sit comfortably! Some armchairs that are among the bestsellers are: Leolux Kudo, Leolux Anton, Leolux Caruzzo, Leolux Lanah, Pallone, Scylla and many more. Leolux armchairs include an extensive collection, from compact to spacious.

Leolux tables

Leolux tables offer a wide range of possibilities for both private and business use. One thing is always guaranteed: practical and high-quality tables for every room. The design and shapes of the tables can vary according to the customer's taste and preference. Every room needs a different kind of table. Leolux has designed tables for every mood, such as Leolux Kalia, Leolux Toveri, Leolux Pampa, Leolux Lys, Leolux Cimber, Leolux Liliom, Leolux Prismo and many more!