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B&B Italia is known as the forerunner of modern Italian design. The strength of the brand is responding to trends and changing needs in the home. With the innovative Tufty-Timebank, B&B Italia answers our question in the field of playful use of space. The design dates from 2005 and has already undergone several 'updates'.

The modular sofa starts with an oversized footstool as a base. You place the various seating elements around it, with or without armrests or backrests. The set-up is fully customizable. And thanks to the removable covers, the sofa is also very practical.

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Nod to the Chesterfield

The Tufty-Time sofa from B&B Italia is a nod to the traditional Chesterfield sofas. B&B Italia uses the same technique for this design: padding. The quilting technique has been used for centuries in the sewing and leatherworking industry. In this technique, a piece of textile or leather is sewn onto a solid surface. In this way, small cushions filled with dust are created. B&B Italia does it its own way - with fewer knots and a sleeker look as a result.

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Designed by Patricia Urquiola

The brain behind this fantastic design? That's Patricia Urquiola. This Spanish architect and product designer is known for her eclectic style. She studied Architecture at TU Madrid and then started working as a designer in Milan. Here she learned the trade from Italian masters such as Achille Castiglioni and Vico Magistretti – and it shows! Urquiola's designs are striking, modern and at the same time surprisingly cuddly. We like it.

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