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Cassina sofa

Founded in 1927 by Cesare and Umberto Cassina , the furniture brand Cassina, based in Meda Italy, delivers the best furniture to this day. Those looking for a bank can turn to Cassina via Whoppah. With a mindset focused on research and innovation, Cassina combines technology and long-standing craftsmanship.

Avant-garde, authenticity, excellence and a fusion of technological skills and local craftsmanship. The Cassina identity is built on solid, shared values that express the best in Italian and international design with a consistent, recognizable and erudite style language. With an independent pioneering spirit, the Meda-based company has charted an innovative course in the world of design and interior design.

Cassina sofa

The house, with flowing, flexible spaces and illuminated by large light areas. We find iconic furniture and contemporary shapes, sculptural elements and soft lines, all enhanced by the noblest woods, the most prized leathers and the most refined marbles. A refined space whose interior vibrates with a view of the surrounding nature.

A contemporary home, from the shared spaces during the day to the bedroom, that becomes a stage for our private lives, with refined design furniture that steals the show thanks to its refined details. Choose authentic, international design that bridges tradition and innovative materials, shapes and finishes.

Used Cassina benches

The second-hand market is full of hidden gems with, for example, Cassina sofas for attractive prices. At Whoppah, the price is always negotiable. You can save up to 70% on the price by opting for second-hand instead of buying a new sofa! Check out Whoppah regularly to see if they have something nice. Don't immediately reject things if they have some damage, but think in solutions. Much damage can be easily repaired. All in all, second hand furniture offers a lot of possibilities for good prices.

Cassina couch Maralunga

Maralunga is an international bestseller with timeless beauty and functionality. It is a combination of brilliant design, business acumen and artisanal craftsmanship from Italy. Warm, enveloping shapes accentuate the luxurious comfort of this sofa. Comfort is also ensured by the bicycle chain mechanism incorporated into the foam cushion for adjusting the headrest position. The sofa is available in the original sizes and in the Maxi version, with a deeper, more spacious seat for greater comfort. Both separate armchairs, two-seater and three-seater sofas can be found there.

Cassina leather sofa

Cassina sofas can be upholstered in both fabric and leather. You can choose from countless fabrics and leather types from Cassina. Choose from variants such as Avorio (ivory) and Grafite leather. The variants in Avorio leather have a filling of feathers and the variant in Grafite has a filling of polyester wadding. An industrial interior is best suited to a warm dark shade of leather such as cognac or olive green, but other variants are, for example, anthracite or dark blue. Other popular leathers include; • Cognac leather sofa • Brown leather sofa • Black leather sofa • Gray leather sofa • Green leather sofa or olive green leather sofa

What should I pay attention to when purchasing a Cassina sofa?

Ready for a new sofa? Then let's think about the following things first; • The location of the bank. • A sofa must fit within the interior. • Style your own living room. • It is useful to immediately determine the dimensions that you can use for the sofa. • see which sofa you still want in the house in 5 years. • The material is of great importance.

What does a Cassina sofa cost?

The Cassina brand has been known for years for its unique designs and exceptional quality. Over the years, the Cassina designers have managed to build up a unique and beautiful collection. In addition to the existing collection, the Cassina designers manage to impress every year with new materials, models and colors in the field of Italian seating furniture. The costs depend entirely on the factors described above.