Pastoe is a Dutch furniture brand known for its minimalist and timeless designs. The brand was founded in 1913 and has since built an impressive reputation. Pastoe's designs are not only aesthetically appealing but also practical and user-friendly, taking their most relevant products - dining tables and sideboards - as proof of this. This stems from the brand's philosophy: furniture should not only be beautiful but also contribute to people's daily lives. One of the most famous designers who has worked with Pastoe is Cees Braakman. He worked for the brand in the 1940s and 1950s, creating iconic pieces such as the SM05 chair and the FM60 dresser.


About the Pastoe brand

When it comes to interiors and furniture, no home is the same and every home deserves its own furniture. In recent years, the Pastoe brand has produced more than 60,000 unique pieces of furniture. For Pastoe, every piece of furniture is a special project. Just as special as the house in which the furniture is placed. The Pastoe brand is a typically Dutch brand, developed according to Dutch design taste: clear, simple in design with surprising colour combinations. The furniture is designed and produced according to high quality standards. Furniture that, with the right care, will last for years or even generations. That's what makes Pastoe so suitable as second-hand furniture.

Pastoe Amsterdammer

The Amsterdammer is Pastoe's famous storage cabinet. The ribbed roller door and rounded top gives the Amsterdammer a mid-century look. Suitable for storing all administration, records and games. Give the inside a different colour to the outside.

Pastoe Landscape

You can put together the Landscape entirely as you wish and it is characterised by the alternation of closed and open components between the tops. Combine with veneers, colours, open compartments and layouts. Landscape can be designed as a TV cabinet, sideboard or storage cabinet. It is available hanging, standing on a plinth or on a base. Create your own Landscape at home with our configurator; at your dealer or at Pastoe.

Pastoe furniture at Whoppah

Whoppah offers second-hand Pastoe furniture, be it chairs, tables, beds or cabinets. At Whoppah you will find a wide selection of used Pastoe furniture, from small to large, modern to classic. The advantage is that you can choose quality furniture at a reasonable price. Moreover, you do the environment a favour by avoiding having to produce new furniture, wasting energy and resources. When you check out the Pastoe furniture range at Whoppah, you will find various pieces of furniture that will fit perfectly in your living room, office or dining room.

Pastoe sideboard

If you are in need of a new sideboard, take a look at the Pastoe L260, for example. A sideboard with drawers and cabinets, so you can store your things neatly and decorate your home by placing beautiful accessories or treasured items on the sideboard.

Pastoe wall cabinet

Another example of beautiful second-hand furniture from Pastoe is Cees Braakman's wall cabinet.