Italian furniture

There is not one true Italian style of furniture. The classic Italian furniture style has evolved over the centuries from the Renaissance, to the modern age, then to Baroque elegance, to modern minimalist comfort, to modern minimalism. But what do we mean by "Italian" and "style"? Italian design furniture is often misinterpreted as furniture with a distinctly Italian look. Sure, there are many pieces that could be classified as "Italian" in terms of style, but the reality is that the term is generally used to describe modern, eclectic design, and most of the time it is used to describe furniture pieces that are very stylistic , with unusual shapes and designs.

Italian design furniture

Symmetry is paramount in the contemporary interpretation of what is Italian. For example, your home's dining room may have curved panels with a single central table. This piece of furniture will have been designed with great care and symmetry, using basic geometric lines and proportions. Similarly, your home's dining room can use straight, square, or angular lines for the furniture.

Modern Italian design often focuses on form and function rather than appearance. For example, contemporary Italian furniture often uses mirrors to reflect light. To achieve this effect, mirrors are not just rectangular shapes of glass. Instead, the mirrors are often round and have grid designs etched into the surface. The concept of symmetry is also used throughout furniture design, with each piece being designed to appear symmetrical to all other pieces.

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Besides the use of heavy woods in Italian furniture, another characteristic of modern Italian furniture is the use of metalwork. Metalwork quickly became a signature style of Italian furniture after it was introduced in the 14th century. Today, metalworking can be applied to a wide variety of materials, including metal and wood. If you're looking for a modern, stylish living room or dining room influenced by the charm of an Italian villa, you should definitely consider metalwork as an option for your modern design.

What is Italian design? What is Italian Furniture?

What exactly do people mean by Italian design? Italian design is known for its simple shapes that suit different styles. It is defined by two eras: traditional and modern.

Traditional Italian design usually includes large amounts of top quality details with the finest craftsmanship, encased in a timeless design. The designs usually integrate terracotta and marble, with colors that create an elaborate and elegant design.