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The design dining table: the centerpiece of your interior

A place where memories are made

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The dining table is the heart of the household where everyone comes together at the end of the afternoon to go through the day together while enjoying a nice bite to eat. It is therefore important that the table offers functionality and comfort. You will find a dining table in various shapes and sizes, and there is sure to be a suitable one for you!

Vintage dining table

If you are a fan of vintage, you like sturdy dining tables in colors such as black, gray and white. The imperfections in the furniture give your interior a beautiful and unique character. The smell of vintage is the smell of adventure, finding a vintage dining table feels like a treasure hunt. You can combine vintage furniture with a different interior style, it gives your interior extra atmosphere. By choosing a vintage dining table you are environmentally conscious. After all, no new product and raw materials need to be consumed. You use what is already there, which makes it sustainable. Give your furniture a second, third or even fourth life! A vintage piece of furniture is generally a quality product, which has lasted for many years for a reason.

Modern dining table

The modern dining table made of wood, sleek stainless steel, round or oval are often uniquely designed, made by craftsmanship and excellent in function. It is important that you feel at home at the dining table. A modern dining table is sleek, functional and to the point. The table has little or no superfluous additions or frills. The colors are mainly primary such as white, grey, black with metal, plastic or wooden sleek legs.

Wooden dining table

If your dining table is made of wood, it can take a beating! Think of oak, walnut, teak or mango wood, where each type of wood has a unique characteristic appearance. You end up using the table for much more than just dining; to work, play games or do crafts with the children.

Large dining table

A household consisting of more than four people will soon look for a large dining table. Do you have a hobby that requires a lot of space? Then a large dining table is a must! The size of these tables is generally somewhat larger than the normal standard dining tables.

What is a dining table?

A dining table consists of a top and legs. They are often two separate parts that are joined together. The dining table has the function of putting things on it such as food, drinks, games, magazines and so on. It gives you the opportunity to relax and relax somewhere.

Prize and size

A dining table costs on average between €500 and €2500, depending on the size, style, shape or material. A dining table can be found in various heights. Continuing, the height of a dining table is around 70 to 80 cm.

The dining table has more functions than just a place where we eat together. It is also a place where creative plans are devised and where we work from home every day. That dining table should therefore be seen. How about a real design item for an affordable price? We got it here at Whoppah