Bert Plantagie

The Bert Plantagie brand belongs to the top of Dutch Design and is one of the better-known Dutch furniture manufacturers. The collection consists of timeless yet contemporary design furniture. A number of enormously talented designers have joined the brand such as Stefan Steenkist, Frans Schrofer, Thijs Smeets, and Hans Daalder, to name a few. They have helped to establish a broad collection spearheaded by quality and customization.
Bert Plantagie

Bert Plantagie

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About Bert Plantagie

Consider investing in pieces from Bert Plantagie, a brand celebrated for effortlessly fusing design and art in their furniture. Bert Plantagie brings with it a rich history, distinct characteristics, and remarkable furniture options, including their iconic chairs and tables, showcasing their dedication to transforming living spaces with style and innovation. Discover the reason why Bert Plantagie is an excellent choice for those seeking to elevate their interiors with captivating and functional pieces.

History behind

Bert Plantagie's design journey begins in the Netherlands, and the brand has been crafting exceptional furniture for over three decades. With this extensive experience, Bert Plantagie has consistently pushed the boundaries of furniture design, becoming synonymous with creativity and innovation. The brand's ethos centers around the harmonious integration of art and functionality, reshaping the way we furnish and decorate our living spaces.

Main characteristics

What sets Bert Plantagie apart is its amazing commitment to design excellence and innovation. Every piece in their collection showcases a dedication to aesthetics, comfort, and exceptional production style. Bert Plantagie's designs are characterized by their modern, contemporary style with a keen eye for detail, resulting in furniture that is not only functional but also an artistic statement in its own right.

Iconic Chairs

Among Bert Plantagie's extensive offerings, their chairs stand out as marvellous masterpieces. These iconic chairs celebrate innovative design, comfort, and captivating aesthetics. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail and an eclectic style, Bert Plantagie's chairs masterfully combine contemporary elegance with distinctive forms and artistic expressions. Their unique silhouettes, high-quality materials, and meticulous production make them striking focal points in any dining or living space.

Insight into brand's innovation

It's crucial to understand that Bert Plantagie is dedicated to innovation. The brand consistently challenges conventional design boundaries, introducing cutting-edge materials and technology to create furniture solutions that redefine contemporary living. By investing in Bert Plantagie's products, you're embracing groundbreaking innovations that value both design and functionality, ideal for those who seek cutting-edge and innovative solutions.

Tables and more

A good table fulfills many different roles, tells the story of your life and translates that into your interior. Tables, extension tables, bar tables, coffee tables, side tables, etc. Bert Plantagie has a unique and striking collection of tables that are perfect for a modern interior. The tables have a sturdy industrial design with simple shapes and robust constructions. The tables have a steel frame with a solid oak top that is sturdy and gives a sleek look. The tables are available in different colors, so you can find the perfect table to match your style. Certain tables also have a practical drawer where you can store small items. Perfect for your dining room or living room, the tables are stylish and modern additions to your interior. Examples of Bert Plantagie tables are the Aiven, Bixx, Carve, Edge, Eris, Oval, Oxxi, Parade, Pedro, Poppy or the Remo.

Decorating with Bert Plantagie

Decorating with Bert Plantagie's products is an opportunity to infuse your living spaces with artistic expression and functionality. Whether it's their iconic chairs or distinctive tables, these pieces can serve as captivating focal points, creating an inviting and stylish atmosphere indoors. Incorporate Bert Plantagie's chairs around your dining table for a remarkable dining experience, or opt for their unique tables to add an artistic flair to your living room. Complement these striking items with additional decor elements like lighting, rugs, and artwork to complete your decor with a dynamic blend of design and innovation. With Bert Plantagie, you can transform your interiors into spaces that are both visually captivating and brilliantly functional.