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What household does not have this home accessory? The mirror is the trend of the moment! Where the mirror used to be seen mainly as a practical piece of furniture, nowadays it is part of your interior or serves as decoration on the wall that has both a practical and a decorative nature. A mirror can have a lighting effect, spatial effect, decorative effect and, of course, a functional effect. With a decorative mirror, form takes precedence over function. The mirror should enhance your interior. With a functional mirror, it is the other way around: you choose this design if it is important that you can see yourself. It is a home accessory that hangs on the wall. They can be used to create an effect in any room or just as an aid, like a make up mirror. There is plenty of choice on Whoppah, so something for everyone!

Buying a mirror

When buying a wall mirror, you should consider the size, style and material of the mirror. The size of the mirror is important because you want to make sure it fits in the room. A small mirror or a standing mirror can be used for the bathroom, while a large mirror is perfect for a large room such as a living room, hallway or bedroom. The style of the mirror should also be considered, as there are many different styles that can fit any room, depending on what you are looking for. The style of the frame around the glass plays an important role in how it looks. From classic to modern, Whoppah has mirrors for every interior.

Design mirror

The designer mirror is a mirror and a piece of art in one. An asymmetrical mirror, a round mirror, an organic mirror or a mirror with lighting. You can also go for a mirror with extras like a mirror with storage compartments or a shelf underneath, which is ideal for the bathroom or toilet. The designer wall mirror is often unique in its shape and material, allowing you to have a mirror of which not many others are made.

Large mirror

A large mirror is a great way to make the space feel more open, especially if you have a small room. It will also help you see yourself and others in the room in a different way. A large mirror on the wall is perfect for making it look like there is more space around you, and it can be used as a clothes mirror for the wardrobe or bedroom.

Vintage mirrors

The interior says a lot about a person's personality and mood, so does the type of mirror. A vintage mirror is an antique piece of furniture that many people have looked into, it is a mirror with a story. It can be used as a decorative piece and/or as a functional mirror. Some are very plain and others are decorated with gold or silver accents. Often, vintage mirrors have a very nice shape or a special finish. There are very few mirrors left from the 1970s, which is why retro mirrors are made nowadays, these are new mirrors inspired by the vintage style. You can recognise them by the bright colours such as yellow, orange, red, green and blue.